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New city paradise 3.5 Marla

New City Paradise is a private project that is ideally located at the Burhan interchange on the M-I Islamabad-Peshawar highway. Resources invested in the 3.5-marla New City Paradise project provide a great return on investment, with numerous benefits for the locals.

There are both residential and commercial plots in New City Paradise. Society also has all of the contemporary comforts. We currently provide residential plots measuring 3.5, 5, 10, and 1 Kanal. Additionally, we want to offer the greatest housing society at reasonable prices to the low-income class.

New City Paradise 3.5 Marla plots have recently been announced by the home development’s owners. Since so few sites are available for these residential slicing, many investors are talking about the unique investment potential. Because of its rapid development progress, which is anticipated to give its residents an ultra-modern lifestyle, NCP has already attracted a large number of investors.

Why should you invest in New City Paradise at 3.5 Marla?

Infrastructure that matches international standards, a wonderful location, first-rate amenities, and affordability are all features of 3.5 Marla investments in a new city paradise. For investors, this is a fantastic chance. You can build the house of your dreams right here.

New City Paradise 3.5 Marla Plot Payment Plan

The 3.5 Marla plots of New City Paradise have a very reasonable payment schedule with simple installments. Plots in New City Paradise are available for purchase at bargain prices.

Updates on New City Paradise 3.5 Marla Plots

Recently, the owners of the housing development announced 3.5 Marla plots at New City Paradise.  NCP has already drawn a significant number of investors because to its quick construction progress, which is expected to provide its residents with an ultra-modern lifestyle.

Residential 3.5 Marla Plots in New City Paradise payment schedule.

There is only a little booking and confirmation fee required to purchase 3.5 marla home plots in a brand-new city paradise.

Residential 3.5 Marla payment plan

Ideal location

Location-wise, the New City Paradise 3.5 Marla is excellent. The purchaser has the option of making an investment in the heart of Islamabad. Additionally, the costs are fairly reasonable. Near the M1 Motorway is the Society. Additionally near the project is Bhurhan Interchange. It is so at a prominent place..

Residential plots

The society presents a highly profitable investment alternative for all prospective buyers seeking premium houses with first-rate amenities and services. Plots for sale in New City Paradise are available in the following sizes:

3.5 Marla

5 Marla

10 Marla

1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

Commercial spaces are essential in any housing community. They employ local individuals and can assist in attracting new enterprises to the area.

The business sector provides people with a variety of leisure alternatives as well as a location to purchase for daily necessities. Plots for sale in New City Paradise are available in the following sizes:

2.5 Marla
4 Marla
7 Marla

salient features

The 3.5 Marla plots share the same distinctive qualities. The top services are provided by the developers here. Additionally, the customers will have access to all the necessities. Here, the residents can lead high-quality lives. Society is a great place to bring up a family. The benefits of purchasing 3.5 Marla of NCP include

  • Affordable Prices
  • Trustworthy Developers
  • System of ongoing s
  • ecurity
  • Easily Reachable
  • Commercial Hub
  • Playgrounds & Parks
  • Community Center
  • Dedicated Hospital
  • Educational Complex
  • Mosques in the dumps
  • Gorgeous views
  • Sports-themed shopping centers
  • Basic Services
  • Subsurface Cabling
  • Water Storage Tanks
New city Paradise salient features
3.5 Marla Plots in NOC of New City Paradise

The Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) has accepted the No Objection Certificate for New City Paradise. New City Paradise’s approval code is DG-PHATA/W-I/PHS/61/2022. Investors do not need to be concerned about the approval status of these plots because the majority of the society’s land is legally approved by the relevant authorities and because the 3.5 Marla residential plots are located inside the society’s boundaries.

Accessibility Points for New City Paradise 3.5 Marla Plots

The distance between the Bhurhan Interchange and the Islamabad International Airport is 0 minutes by car on the New City Wah Hazara Motorway and GT Road.
2 minutes from the M-1 highway
Ten minutes by car from New City Wah
10 minutes by car from the Hazara highway
10 minutes by car from Brahma Changover at Jhang Bahtar
Islamabad-Rawalpindi Interchange 18 minutes by car
Quaid Avenue is 22 minutes’ drive from Islamabad International Airport.
30 minutes from Jhang Bahtar Road by car

Nearby Attractions in New City Paradise 3.5 Marla Residential Plots

Phase 2 of New City 
Kamra City
Quaid Avenue Wah City 
New City Arcade
Hassan Abdal Burhan Interchange,
Pakistan Ordinance Factory, 
Wah Gardens, 
M-1 and M-2 Highways, 
HITEC University, 
 University of Engineering and Technology in Taxila


The 3.5 Marla plots in New City Paradise that have been formally released are special and provide both domestic and international investors the best investment opportunity. 3.5 Marla plots also seem like a terrific option for anyone looking to make a cheap real estate investment. The properties are advantageously located by shopping centers, sporting venues, hospitals, and educational facilities. Due to the reasonable prices, it is a tempting option for those looking to invest.

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A well-known housing development in Islamabad called Reality 21 provides a modern and opulent living environment. This upscale residential neighbourhood combines tasteful architecture with cutting-edge conveniences to produce a truly opulent living. Reality 21 is conveniently close to main roads, commercial hubs, educational institutions, and healthcare services because it is situated in a desirable location of Islamabad.

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