KMK Towers are more than just a place to live for its residents. There is a community of like-minded people who love to share their workspaces and new ideas. To design this space, it is crucial to adopt and implement specific core values, which include providing an affordable and healthy living environment, offering essential services, and delivering residents a high-quality living experience, as well as creating a sustainable and affordable living space. By creating a community that is progressive, and advanced, and gives its citizens the freedom to grow and prosper, the KMK team is delivering every Pakistani with a refreshing experience.

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TopCity-1 is located in the city’s heart and is one of the most exclusive housing societies that can fulfill your dreams. Essentially, it’s a city within a city that promises to deliver the best housing options for you to choose from. TopCity-1 is committed to investing all its resources, skills, and efforts into maintaining an unmatched level of development and management in the city. This is a gated community that offers a beautiful sense of freedom in a place of extraordinary beauty, surrounded by a state-of-the-art surveillance system and a private and secure environment. This is a concept of a modern residential complex, complete with all the characteristics of a pampered lifestyle, but at a much lower cost.

Location of KMK Towers:

The KMK Towers are located within Top City-1 Islamabad. It is located in a prime location at the entrance of Islamabad on the main Srinagar Highway, which makes it an ideal residential address in Islamabad.It provides an ideal residential opportunity today due to the high standards of development in Top City-1 compared to the surrounding neighborhood.
Below is a map showing the location of KMK Tower in Top City-1:

KMK Towrers Map location

What Makes KMK Towers a Great Choice?

KMK pledges to provide a luxurious and comfortable living for its citizens. Designers have incorporated all the features in the apartments that will ensure a life full of ease and splendor for families.

KMK Towers Offers the Following Benefits:

  • Experience a lifetime in this exclusive penthouse.
  • Modern 3-bedroom apartment for families of all sizes.
  • It is a well-furnished and well-equipped apartment with two bedrooms.
  • All the necessary features are included in this one-bedroom apartment, and the environment is comfortable.
  • There are spacious lounges and corridors in the interior design.
  • The facility is properly maintained.

NOC for KMK Towers:

There are no legal complications associated with KMK Tower since the RDA has approved it. Additionally, the same person who owns Top City-1 also owns it, so you can expect your apartment to arrive on time.

KMK Towers RDA approved

Owner of KMK Towers:

Kunwar Moeez Khan has built one of the biggest residential projects in Top City-1 Islamabad, KMK Towers. In Block C, 4 residential towers are facing Motorway M-2 Islamabad. There are 44 kanals of land in the project, and each tower takes up 11 kanals.


Penthouse in KMK Towers:

  • The penthouse is designed to make life as comfortable as possible for its residents.
  • This view gives a birds-eye view of TopCity-1, Airport Runways, and distant Murree Hills.
  • There are multiple open balconies around the bonfire to host BBQs so that nostrils can live in an excellent environment.
  • There are large windows in the rooms which deliver stunning views of sunrises and sunsets while keeping a relaxing atmosphere inside.
  • The interior is in a class of its own. It feels big and open in the lounges and galleries.
  • The attached bathroom and large bedrooms deliver the highest quality features and fixtures.
  • The Penthouse at KMK TOWERS is a rare blend of luxury and liberty.
KMK Towers- 3 Bedrooms pent house.

3-Bedrooms Apartment in KMKC: Type A

  • You can see the great city from your ample living room covered by refined design.
  • Unique and coveted facilities are offered in the cleverly designed kitchen.
  • A relaxing and peaceful atmosphere is present in these three elegant rooms.
  • Bathrooms are equipped with high-quality sanitation, reflecting the most suitable taste.
KMK type-A 3 Bedrooms Layout plan
2-Bedrooms Apartment in KMKC: TYPE B-1
  • A luxurious interior design equipped with the latest technology.
  • The two bedrooms are bright and sunny, creating a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Clean, immaculate washrooms with international design.
2-Bedrooms Apartment in KMKC: Type B-2
  • The interior design of this structure is exclusive.
  • Long-term use of two rooms that are designed to fulfill specifications.
  • High-quality materials are used in the washrooms.
2-Bedrooms Apartment in KMKC: Tupe B-3
  • The perfect design for families who want to enjoy a luxurious environment.
  • The two rooms are spacious and opulent.
  • Internationally standard washrooms with well-furnished furniture.
  • The kitchen has a modern style that gives you a sense of comfort.

2-Bedrooms Apartment in KMKC: Type B-4

  • The perfect place for your family to spend quality time in a bright, sunny living room.
  • A spacious two-room apartment with a breathtaking view of the city.
  • They provide regular renovations to keep your apartment in pristine condition.
  • Washrooms and kitchens with sophisticated style.

2-Bedrooms Apartment in KMKC: Type B-5

  • This home is ideal for a family looking for a home with high ceilings.
  • There are two luxuriously designed rooms with good lighting.
  • The washrooms are fully furnished and equipped with high-quality materials.

2-Bedrooms Apartment in KMKC: TYPE B-6

  • To upgrade the standard of living, exclusive interior design is used.
  • The two rooms are bright and sunny, so they are perfect for any size family.
  • Stylish washrooms with high-quality materials.

1- Bedrooms Apartment in KMKC: TYPE C

  • Contains all the features of an apartment while maintaining a cozy atmosphere.
  • An interior that is designed to give the appearance of openness while being comfortable at the same time.
  • A high-quality kitchenette and bathroom with open counters.
  • A perfect apartment for someone living alone.

The Exterior of the KMK Towers:

Exterior view of KMK
What Makes KMK Towers Unique:

KMK Towers were designed with a blend of luxury and comfort in mind. Residents of this building enjoy an impeccable living standard thanks to its exclusive amenities.

The following are some of the major features:

  • The rooms are stylish and spacious.
  • The security system is well maintained.
  • An attractive community hall.
  • Mosque with air conditioning.
  • Fitness centers
  • The laundry room is furnished with all the essential items.
  • RO plants provide filtered water.
  • Generator rooms that function properly.
  • Supermarket with full stock.
  • Clean and well-maintained garbage disposals.
  • The dining hall is warm and well-lit.
  • A spacious indoor parking area.


KMK Towers Amenities and Facilities:

KMK has plenty of space for guests to enjoy their stay and create an atmosphere that is pleasant and comfortable for guests while taking advantage of the spectacular views that the surrounding area can offer at the same time. Because of the large space, multiple events can be arranged, such as a larger-scale event, a business meeting, or a dinner or lunch event.

A Grand Mosque:
The designer incorporated traditional Ottoman elements with a contemporary aesthetic to create an artifact that is unique in its kind. KMK residents can spend vast amounts of time in comfort in the mosque’s immense and centrally air-conditioned halls.

KMK Towers praying area

A Homelike Atmosphere in Dinning Hall:
The dining hall has been designed with the right amount of space and light that will provide a pleasant dining experience and a relaxing and friendly environment where you can enjoy dining with your family and friends.

A Fitness Center:
According to the developers and owners of KMK Towers, they are fully committed to making their residents feel a greater level of pleasure by encouraging their physical well-being and mental well-being throughout their lives. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, they have a gym equipped with all the necessary fitness machines and equipment.

KMK Towers gym center

Luxury and Peaceful Lifestyle:
The management of KMKC is committed to providing its citizens with a luxurious experience while meeting all their needs. All amenities are designed to meet the needs of residents. Each family can live contentedly due to their well-maintained laundry rooms, RO plants, generator rooms, and garbage disposals. Residents and their guests will be able to park their cars in a spacious and supervised underground parking area, providing a comfortable experience for them.

Management at KMKC is committed to providing a secure and safe environment for its citizens. All safety departments are monitored and controlled by management to ensure an efficient and prompt response in an emergency. As a result of their upgraded surveillance technologies, they make sure that they keep a watchful eye on every potential danger that may arise. In addition, emergency exits and fire extinguishing systems are also installed to ensure the safety and well-being of citizens.

Payment Plan for KMK Towers:

All types of residential apartments are available at KMK Towers on easy installment plans. In order to secure your booking, you only need to make a 30% down payment, while the remaining amount is repaid over a period of 3 years.
Here is a list of the various apartment types on each floor and their prices:

Payment Plan of KMK towers. 1-2-3- Bedrooms

It is situated within Top City-1, Islamabad, at the entrance of the city on the main Srinagar Highway. It enjoys a prime location with easy access to major areas of Islamabad.

KMK offers a variety of properties, including luxurious penthouses, 3-bedroom apartments, and 2-bedroom apartments of different types. Each type is designed to cater to the diverse needs of residents.

KMK Towers Islamabad is owned by Kunwar Moeez Khan, the same person who owns Top City-1. He has developed the project with a focus on providing a luxurious and affordable living experience.

It offers a range of amenities and facilities, including a community hall for events, a grand mosque, a fitness center, a dining hall, a laundry room, RO plants for filtered water, generator rooms, a supermarket, and a spacious indoor parking area.

Yes, KMK Towers Islamabad has been approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). There are no legal complications associated with the project.

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