An important housing project in Pakistan’s capital is the eighteen Islamabad houses for sale. There is a great standard of living in Pakistan and the project is beautifully built. Beautiful surroundings, cutting-edge infrastructure, and premium materials will all be provided by the project. Beautiful flats and magnificent villas are part of this well-designed housing program. With elegance, sophistication, luxury, and wonderful accessories, these are exquisitely crafted. Additionally, Eighteen Islamabad is a top-notch location because of the breathtaking view of the 18-hole golf course, lakes, fairways, and top-notch recreational amenities. An 18-hole golf course, a business district with many office buildings and a pricey mall, high schools, and art hospitals are some of the project’s main features.

Location Of Eighteen Islamabad:

Golra Mor is not far away from Eighteen on the Kashmir Highway. Eighteen is only 3 km away from the Lahore-Islamabad motorway exit.

The map below shows where Eighteen Islamabad is located:

Master Plan Eighteen Islamabad:

A total of 2.7 million square yards are covered under the project’s master plan. In addition to nearly 900 apartments and 1068 villas of various sizes, this exciting development has a total of 2000 residential units. Included in this master plan are commercial properties targeted at middle-class and upper-class customers.

Eighteen Islamabad Houses for sale


Extremely beautiful residential units that are appropriate for individuals of all ages are available in this society. A clean, green environment is created by the abundance of greenery that surrounds the residential units in this housing complex. Since each unit has an elegant design, purchasing one is worthwhile.


Modern villas are a feature of this community where the residents may live a calm and serene existence thanks to their elegance, royal status, contemporary amenities, and picturesque views of lush greenery. The opulent villas in this gated neighbourhood come in the following sizes:

  • 10 Marla Villas
  • 1 Kanal Villas
  • 2 Kanal Villas
  • 4 Kanal Villas
  • 8 Kanal Villas

The details of Villas are as follows:

  • 8 Kanal (7 Bedroom, 8 Bathroom, 6 Parking Spaces, Swimming Pool)
  • 4 Kanal (6 Bedroom, 8 Bathroom, 3 Parking Spaces, Swimming Pool)
  • 2 Kanal (5 Bedroom, 7 Bathroom, 2 Parking Spaces, Swimming Pool)
  • 1 Kanal (5 Bedroom, 6 Bathroom, 2 Parking Spaces)
  • 10 Marla (4 Bedroom, 5 Bathroom, 2 Parking Spaces)


Apartments with two, three, and four bedrooms are available at The Height At Eighteen, the most sought-after residential structure in the neighbourhood. Many different families seeking spacious living quarters can find the warm residential units ideal. One of its unique features is that the residences will be directly in front of the Eighteen Golf Course.

Eighteen Islamabad Villas offers the following types of luxury apartments:

  • Studio Apartment (693 sq. ft, 1 Parking Space, 1 Bathroom)
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment (968 sq. ft, 1 Parking Space, 1 Bathroom)
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment (1668-1798 sq. ft, 1 Parking Space, 2 Bathrooms, 1 Powder Room)
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment (2192-2207 sq. ft, 2 Parking Spaces, 4 Bathrooms, 1 Powder Room) Room)


Undoubtedly, Eighteen Islamabad is the premier business center of the twin cities, which is lavishly constructed to meet the diverse commercial demands of its inhabitants. For the community’s members to have an exceptional shopping experience, the management has put together a variety of luxury brands.

The commercial units are:


Because it is situated in the center of the community, Club Eighteen is the most appealing site in this housing project. Golf enthusiasts’ leisure demands are effectively met by this apartment, which features an 18-hole golf course.Beautiful views of lakes, lush grass, and other scenery may be seen from the golf course here.


A five-star experience is provided to both residents and guests at the upscale Resort Eighteen. Situated at the Core Eighteen, this building offers an elite and top-notch hotel experience. 

Residents can take advantage of a spa, gym, fitness centre, and a selection of good eating options at this quaint location. With enough for around 1000 guests at a time, the resort doubles as a wedding and event venue.

Payment Plan For Eighteen Islamabad:

The following is a list of payment plans:

Payment Plan For Residential Plot

Access Points of Eighteen Islamabad:

Eighteen is accessible in the following ways:

  • 6 min drive to Islamabad Motorway Interchange
  • 7 min drive to M-1 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway
  • 11 min drive to M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway
  • 13 min drive to New Islamabad Airport Rd
  • 12 min drive to N-80, Rawalpindi
  • 14 min drive to Jand – Kohat Rd, Rawalpindi
  •  03 min drive to Tarnol Motorway Link Rd, Islamabad

Nearby Landmarks and Places Of Pakistan:

  • New International Islamabad Airport
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Bahria Town Phase-8
  • DHA Phase
  • Mumtaz City
  • Airport Enclave Islamabad
  • Top City
  • University Town
  • Penta Vista High Rise Tower
  • Blue Area, Islamabad
  • Saddar, Rawalpindi

Developer & Owner of Eighteen Islamabad:

In the eighteen sectors of Pakistan’s Capital City, next to the motorway, Ora Developers, Saif Group Ora Developers, and Kohistan Builders & Developers are collaborating on this joint venture project. As part of the “Zarkon Heights” project, Kohistan Builders and Developers successfully completed the construction of (Zarkon Heights) in Islamabad’s G-15 district. The construction company Ora Developers is owned by Naguib Sawiris, an Egyptian millionaire. One of the largest mobile networks in Pakistan, Mobilink, was once controlled by Mr. Naquib Sawiris.

NOC Approved:

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has accepted Eighteen Islamabad’s No Objection Certificate (NOC). In fact, this is the primary cause of the current strong desire for this society. Housing societies certified by the NOC have unquestionably a better success rate.


With an estimated cost of over two billion dollars, Eighteen Islamabad is well on its way to becoming the most prestigious and premium housing project in Pakistan. The residence will provide excellent amenities and comfort for its members.

Here are the characteristics that are offered:

  • Parks, lakes, and hills.
  • Fully functional health center with 24/7 facilities.
  • Branded shopping and eatery-The Square.
  • Spa, gym facilities & fine Dinning- The Resort.
  • Mosques.
  • The wide main entrance provides an eye-catching view.
  • Community center fulfilling all your needs.
  • Sports complex with different indoor and outdoor gaming.
  • Maintenance Staff to make sure everything is maintained and in working condition.
  • A well-built sewerage system.
  • 24/7 security and camera surveillance.
  • Water Supply.
  • Shopping malls with all the facilities and brands under one roof.
  • Restaurants provide you with quality food.
  • Community’s Grand Mosque.
  • Water filtration plants.
Pros & Cons


  • Environmentally friendly
  • It’s all green around here
  • A superb location
  • Living options for an elite society
  • Life’s highest standard
  • A luxurious lifestyle
  • Ensure residents’ exclusivity
  • Infrastructure and architecture of the modern era
  • A safe investment
  • Profits Guaranteed
  • Center for business


  • High Price Perception

It is located in Islamabad’s 18th area. GT Road provides access to it as well. It’s merely a short drive to Islamabad Airport from Islamabad City.

Eighteen Islamabad offers various apartments and villas of 1/2, 1, 2, 4, and 8 Kanal.

With an estimated cost of over two billion dollars, Eighteen Islamabad is well on its way to becoming the most prestigious and premium housing project in Pakistan. The residence will provide excellent amenities and comfort for its members.

Ora Developers and Saif Group are partners in the development of Eighteen Islamabad.

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A well-known housing development in Islamabad called Reality 21 provides a modern and opulent living environment. This upscale residential neighbourhood combines tasteful architecture with cutting-edge conveniences to produce a truly opulent living. Reality 21 is conveniently close to main roads, commercial hubs, educational institutions, and healthcare services because it is situated in a desirable location of Islamabad.

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