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For All Times to Come CH Zafar Maqsood
The Force & Vision Reality21

Real estate companies usually convince clients by pushing them into deals at bad costs. These deals, later on, couldn`t make profits as per the investor`s expectation. So investors then blame real estate agents and lost their trust. 

On the other side, here at Reality21, we believe in fair play and customer benefit. We try to educate people so that they can wisely invest by taking decisions considering market insight. Moreover, keeping in mind the real estate market of Islamabad, Reality21 is the best company to invest in. 


We Believe You’re Bright

Reality21 is a real estate investment firm that guides investors in strategy to earn profits in short periods. We provide ideal opportunities to multiply your wealth by investing in real estate. We help our customers to meet and exceed their financial goals and secure their future with sound and high-return investment options. We build our long relationship with clients by providing them with multiple options of investment and afterwards selling to get the maximum profits.

The legal department of Reality21 permanently secures the investment of clients by providing them with legal guidance. This makes investments with Reality21 more secure. On the other side, currently, the chances of fraud and lies are too much. We have a strong legal team on board to keep our clients safe from such fraudulent activities.

Moreover, we provide people with the opportunity to build their first home by guiding them in managing their finances. We give advice keeping in mind how much they can pay initially and monthly. We can devise investment plans as per the client`s pocket and approach towards investments. There are many investment opportunities in Islamabad and Rawalpindi in which customers can enjoy good profits. We always play a role of a bridge between clients and the project owners and companies. We are the perfect matchmakers in the real estate world that are equipped with thousands of investment opportunities. 



Every real estate investment should meet the logical earning goals of the investors and everyone involved in minimum time without any legal hurdles. 


We aim to secure our client`s future by growing their wealth with ideal deals in real estate and construction. We try our best to provide the best buy-back options in a minimum time without any stress or legal hurdle. 

Core Values

Trust is the one and the only thing for which we work and we intend to live in the good books of our clients.

We remain true to the goals of our business with good, legal and fair actions
Most real estate agents keep their clients under their shadow by giving a small portion of information. In Reality21 we are open to our deals and the investment history of investors

After Sales-Support:
We are always there to help our clients in all matters of investment after the purchase. Even if we buy back the property.



Dedicated Team

our team

Ch. Zafar Maqsood

Chief Executive Officer Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

Raheel Majeed

Director Sialkot Region

Ch M. Mohsin

Chief Operating Officer
Masters In Business Ad. LLB

Faizan Sheroz

Managing Director
Masters In Mech Engg

Adnan Arshad

Manager H R
Bachelors In Business Ad.

Usama Ali

Manager Finance
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

M Asim Bashir

Manager Accounts
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

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