Park View City Islamabad is a beautiful high-end residential and commercial real estate project. This project is located in Zone IV of Islamabad near Barakahu and Banigala. PVC is very close to Islamabad and one can easily commute to and from the capital. The best part is that it is CDA approved and has NOC from the Capital Development Authority. There is a massive development ongoing at site of various blocks and main commercial downtown. Most of the blocks in Parkview city Islamabad are in the possession of clients and investors. Many houses and commercials are under construction and people have started living in the society.
The Vision Group owns the project, and they aim to develop it into one of the posh residential areas in Islamabad. The society is located in lush green margalla hills and the temperature remains low as compared to Islamabad. This is one of the best housing societies in Islamabad.

Park View City Owner and Developers:

The Park View City is owned by Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan a renowned politician. The developers of Park View City are from the well-reputed Vision Group. The Vision Group was founded in 2012, and since then, it has worked on milestone projects like Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, Park View Corporate Center Lahore, The National School, Park View Signature Apartments Gulberg, Lahore, and Park View Icon, Karachi, etc

Successful Projects:

Vision group has already delivered number of successful projects in Pakistan.

Park View City Islamabad Location:

The housing scheme is ideally located in the lush green area of Bani Gala near Bahria Enclave. The society is located near Bahria Enclave at a distance of about 15min from Serena hotel Islamabad. Bani Gala is just 5 min drive away and you can reach the beautiful Botanical garden in just a min walk. Moreover, the other societies around PVC are Bahria Enclave, Park Enclave (CDA Project), Naval Farms, and other old but well established residential areas. As a center point of all the residential projects around this society will attract people towards its beautiful commercial, food courts and parks. This will result in overall economy boom of the project.

Park View City Islamabad Map:

Parkview City Islamabad map is beautifully designed and the town is properly properly planned. While town planning balance between residential and commercial properties that adds more essence to the overall society. Following are the maps of overall society with blocks and the commercial downtown.

Park View City Islamabad Accessibility:

The housing scheme under discussion is easily accessible from various routes and areas of the city. Below are the accessibility points of PVC Islamabad:

Park View City Islamabad Nearby Landmarks and Places:

Following are the landmarks and places within the vicinity of PVC Islamabad:

Park View City Total Land and Area

The total area proposed for this project is 13000 Kanal. The mentioned area will cover different types of properties like a commercial, residential, parks, highrises, 5 star hotels, terrace apartments, blocks specified for health and entertainment purposes, etc. A 200 ft. wide road will connect it to the rest of Islamabad. CDA has already approved this road, and developmental work is ongoing to develop it in the decided period. Moreover, in future the connectivity become more easy with the approval and construction of new development projects. The other projects around Parkview City are also developing which will attract more people around the area. The road infrastructure will improve much with time.

Park View City NOC:

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Park View City Islamabad approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). This is the major break through for any society to get their project approved. This also has solved the major question in the investor`s mind. This is the only developed society that still offers plots in installments and have approved NOC from the Capital Development Authority.

Park View City Islamabad Blocks:

For easy management and administration, PVC Islamabad is categorized into various sectors and blocks. At present, the housing scheme of Park View City has the following blocks:
The successive paragraphs shall thoroughly discuss these blocks:

Park View City Block A:

Block A of the housing scheme features 5 Marla and 10 Marla plots. The block is well-developed, and it is located adjacent to Park View City Gate 2. Various families are enjoying a peaceful living in this block. Bookings in Block A are closed; however, plots are available on resale.

Park View City Block B:

Block B features plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. It is situated right next to Block A. Bookings in Block B are closed; however, plots are available on resale. Blue Mosque, a major attraction of the society, is present near this block.

Park View City Block C:

This block is quite famous among investors for its terrace plots of 10 Marla and 1 Kanal and terrace apartments. The food court with the mouthwatering menu is another specification of this block.

Park View City Block D:

Block D of the housing scheme features a beautiful landscape and a magnificent view of the federal capital. Plots of 2 Kanal are the attraction of this prestigious block.

Park View City Block E:

Block E is suitable for those who want to live in a hillside location. The block is situated on a hilltop and comprises residential plots of 1 Kanal. Furthermore, various plots in block E are terrace plots that offer mesmerizing views of the lush green surroundings.

Park View City Block F:

Plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are located in Block F of the housing scheme. Moreover, terrace plots of 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal are a recent addition due to the growing demand for terrace plots

Park View City Block H:

This block of the residential society is regarded as one of the most expensive blocks. It is well-developed and equipped with the latest amenities. H block is ideally placed right close to the main entrance and downtown commercial. The available plot sizes are 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. The exclusivity of this block can be imagined by thinking of its ideal location adjacent to commercial downtown. There are many plot for sale in Park View City Islamabad.

Park View City Block J:

Located proximal to Overseas Block & Golf Estate, Block J of Park View City offers 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots. This block is highly attractive to investors regarding its low prices and future growth potential.

Park View City Block K:

Previously Parkview City Islamabad launches its K block for low cost housing. The society offered 3.5 Marla plots in this block. Later on the management realizes that the clientage is not accepting this plot size. So the society offered a policy to either sell back the plot to the society or merge it into overseas block plots. So this process smoothly goes on and K block is not the part of Parkview city now.

Park View City Overseas Block:

As the name suggests, the Overseas Block is specifically designed for the expat community to provide them with a high yield investment option and an international standard living experience. The block is situated close to gate 2 of the housing scheme and comprises 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots and 3.5 Marla and 5 Marla commercial plots.

Park View City Golf Estate:

To cater to the sporting demands of the residents, Golf Estate is designed that features a 9-hole golf course. Surrounded by lush green golf coarse, the residents will enjoy the serenity. The block comprises cost-effective residential plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal and is one of the expensive blocks of the housing scheme.

Park View City Hills Estate Block:

The Hill Estate Block is the newest addition to the master plan of Park View City Islamabad. It offers residential plots of the following sizes: 5 Marla 10 Marla 1 kanal (on special demand) Hill Estate block of Parkview City Islamabad is the current hot selling block. One can contact Reality21 for investment in this block.

Park View City Downtown Commercial:

This block is the commercial and business hub of the housing scheme that aims to develop into a Dubai-based central commercial area within the society. The sector features outlets of various national and international brands. Besides, there exists a beautiful lake that significantly increases the overall beauty and value of the residential society. Downtown Commercial offers 6 Marla and 8 Marla commercial plots. Parkview City Islamabad will be having such a beautifull commercial hub. Currently there are more than thirteen commercial tower currently building in downtown commercial. 2 to 3 towers are already completed or in completion phase. The developers and investors are taking keen interest in the development of projects in downtown. One will see how this will change the economy of the vicinity once this commercial downtown of parkview city is operational in full swing.

Park View City the Walk Commercial:

The Walk Commercial is the most modern and luxurious sub-project of Park View City that is home to both national and international brands. The major attraction of this block is its infrastructure which features neon lights and attractive architecture. The block tends to offer an out-of-the-world shopping experience to the residents. As the name indicated the commercial is surrounded by the walking area for visitors and residents. This place is also hassle free and no vehicle can be entered in this place. This makes it even more beautiful and easy to roam and shop. There are pairs of 3 1kanal plots in The Walk. After every pair there is a path way which makes this even more open and spacious. Currently number of projects are under construction phase in The Walk commercial. Now this is the time of investment as the things grow it will become more and more difficult for investment.

Park View Homes:

For those looking for ready-made residential areas, PVC Islamabad comes up with deluxe homes that are constructed by Vision Group with the help of leading architects. All of these homes are developed according to international standards. Thus, these homes are a blessing for those who do not possess the required experience for good construction or do not have the time for it.

Park View City Terrace Apartments:

Terrace apartments are another luxury offered by the housing scheme. They are located within Block C of Park View City. As the name indicates, the apartments have terraces and feature luxury and affordability. Bookings are open for the apartments, and developments are taking place at a faster pace

Amenities of Park View City Islamabad:

Parkview City Islamabad is the top society having all the amenities and basic facilities. This is the reason we call Parkview the top best housing society in Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

Park View City Islamabad Facilities:

With amenities Parkview city has all the facilities that is the need of well reputed housings of international standards. Everything the residents need is available at the door step.

Parkview city Islamabad is just next to the botanical gardens of Islamabad. This natural botanical garden is in the plan of Islamabad and will remain as green as it currently is. This will provide serene and clean environment in the project.

Parkview City Islamabad Dancing Fountains:

Parkview city is planning to replicate dancing fountains of Dubai downtown in PVC commercial downtown. Chinese company has already provided its final design. The management just revealed the final animated video of the water show having beautiful dancing fountains.
Imagine yourself standing in the most elegantly designed downtown, enjoying water show having dancing fountains and light and fire show. This commercial will attract more than 10-20 thousand visitors daily. These visitors will spend time and money in the society by enjoying food and music, shopping at international brands in commercials. Obviously this results in the improvement of overall business of the area. The rentals of commercial and residential property will go sky high generating profits for investors. So the current investors will enjoy maximum profits.

Dimensions & Sizes:

Park View City Islamabad Residential Plots:
Residential plots of the following sizes are available:
Parkview City Islamabad offers multiple options in sizes of residential and commercial property plots. One can easily have one of his own pocket size and investment capacity.

Park View City Islamabad Commercial Plots:

Parkview City offers many commercial plots in different blocks. For block A, B, C, D, E, F, and H there is only main commercial that is commercial downtown. Which has the following sizes:
The Walk commercials of size 1 kanal which are around 6 and 8 Marla.

Park View City Development:

The management of the esteemed society is aiming to speed up the developing process to deliver the project ahead of its proposed time to its investors. The development work in Block A & B has almost been completed and the earthwork around the surrounding areas of these blocks has begun. A water treatment plant will also be set up soon in A-block shortly to ensure the supply of clean water to its inhabitants. The water will be filtered, recycled and supplied to all parts of the block through this treatment plant. The main entrance of the society has already been completed with a majestic main gate and the road leading the pathway in the alluring society. The land in this society is naturally rich and agricultural with an abundance of natural green sceneries so the levelling and plotting of the land do not require any major alternation. The society is looking in much better shape now that the work on the main entrance gate of Park View has been completed and construction work on the main 200-foot wide road has initiated and is expected to be completed in a few months. This 2-kilometre long road is being constructed after the authorization from CDA and it will gain direct access from Kurri Road.


The housing society is near completion and the development work at Park View has surpassed the basic facilities. The details of the development progress are given below:
The development work on the 200ft. the main boulevard from Malot road is complete. Apart from this majestic boulevard, a wide network of roads connecting different areas of the society is also laid out. All the roads and streets are fully carpeted and operational.
PVC has ensured the availability of all necessities to the residents of society. Among these facilities, priority was given to the incorporation of underground electricity, water supply, and state-of-the-art sewerage system.
The society is known for its scenic views and lush green surroundings, and to uphold that image Horticulture work is prioritized. The management of the project has made sure to plan exotic and beautiful plants and trees throughout the society to add to its mesmerizing environment.
The development work at the Downtown Commercial block is ongoing in full swing. The fully operational site office of Park View City along with a fully constructed plaza is now a part of this downtown. Inspired by downtown Dubai, this commercial hub is now transforming into a world-class tourist destination. This downtown is soo beautifully designed having lake in the center. This lake is followed by 8M commercials having 6M commercials on the back. Then there is a road in between which ios again followed by 6M commercials having 8M commercials in the back. Then again there will be the road. After that there is THE WALK commercials of one kanal. After every three commercials there is the open path for the people who will be roaming and walking around. Another very good thing of these commercials is that there will be no basement allowed in 8M and 6M commercials and has wide parking space. All the commercials here have outer elevation and colors assigned to them which make them symmetrical and beautiful. Similarly, the commercials of THE WALK that are adjacent will have the same elevation style.
In near future, this downtown will be among the top commercial property for sale in Islamabad. It will attract all the investors in the vaccinity and will be the hub of all the top local and foreign brands.
The food court is allotted the most beautiful spot of the society with a full view of the society and surrounding areas. The development work is in full swing with the installation of fountains and metal structures. It is anticipated that the development work on the food court will be completed in the coming two to three months. One side of the food court is much elevated and have the view of H Block, commercial downtown and surreoundings. The other side have the view of elevated mountains. Overall ambiance of the food court has the artistic look and shows creativity. Recently MOU has been signed between Parkview City Islamabad management and different restaurants including Butcher`s cafe, Lahore Tikka and Gloria Jeans. The time is near when you can enjoy piping hot meals in chilled winter nights with your loved ones with the phenominal views of the society.
The development status of the first few blocks of the society is fully completed. The possession of these plots is granted to the owners and the houses are also constructed. The construction work on the remaining plots is also ongoing and will be completed soon. Except C block the possession on the other blocks have been granted and construction of new homes are undergoing. Sooner block C will also be ready for possession.
F Block of Park View is the most popular block due to its closeness to downtown. The streetlights are installed and 30 ft wide streets have been fully carpeted. The leveling and plotting work on this block is near to completion. Whereas, J block position was changed by the society and now it is next to overseas block. The possession in this block is also near. H block however being the most expensive block as it is adjacent to commercial downtown and The Walk commercials. AS this block is possession, so the construction on new houses are in full swing
Overseas block in Parkview city was launched back in 2021 and currently development in this block is going in full swing. Recently clients and investors of overseas block in PVC have got the balloted plots as per the management`s commitment. The developer has developed the block too early just within 8 -10 months of launching. Park View City Overseas block payment plan has already given. To invest in Park View City overseas block contact Reality21.


Block A, B & D of the society are fully developed hence the possession of all plots in these blocks is granted to the owners. The possession of the plots in the C block will be granted soon. Furthermore, 5 & 10 Marla plots at Block H are also in possession. There are many housing projects under construction in H block as it is the most premium block of the Parkview City Islamabad. One can say that 50-60% of the block is under construction. Park View City is the only CDA approved housing society to provide possession after the payment of only the booking amount in its H block. The possession in E and F block is also ready to possession for the investors. These blocks are at the highted location of the society which gives amazing views to the visitors and the residents. Maps of Overseas and J block are recently revealed and the investors got their files balloted. This is the major break through for the people who invested in these blocks. Soon the society is planning to give possessions to the investors.
Now let’s discuss the possession of commercial Plots at his project. The society has given possession of commercials in downtown and THE WALK. Not only possession but some of the projects are completed and some are in their completion phase. Also many are just started by the developers and investors. Initially the society is offering possession on downpayment to attract more and more investors. All the approvals from CDA is the responsibility of Park View City and the investor just have to engage PVC office. This makes the process too easy for investors and developers.

What Parkview City Islamabad will be?

Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan is working on a vision of providing Dubai like experience in the capital. He said in a recent address that when people of Pakistan visits foreign countries and enjoy the atmosphere there, they wish to have same in their own country. So the management is trying to replicate housing style, road infrastructure, food courts, commercial downtown, terrace apartments, high rises, dancing fountains, neon lights and everything that is available in a high quality living. Parkview City Islamabad will set such standards that it will become the bench mark. Other developers will try to meet this threshold while competing in the housing industry. Moreover, it will provide a next level housing, entertainment, shopping and business opportunities to the people of Islamabad. Parkview City Islamabad also plans to have five star hotel at the most highted spot of the society. One can have a bird eye view of the society and the commercial downtown from the place. The tourist and the visitors will enjoy this lifetime experience. Abdul Aleem Khan also revealed the plan of developing an IT hub in PVC. This hub will provide oppurtunities to software engineers and other IT experts to develop their offices in PVC. The vision is to provide employment opportunities to the resident of the society within the vicinity of the project.


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