Plot for sale in New city paradise:

Are you ready to make an intelligent investment with high potential returns? With its growing real estate market, New City Paradise offers a fantastic opportunity. We urge you to explore the potential of our available plots in this blog and learn why choosing to invest in this dynamic project can have a significant impact on your financial future.
As we explore market trends, growth potential, and the unmatched advantages of owning a plot that is currently for sale in New City Paradise, we invite you to join us. Moreover, for those looking for their dream house, this scenic location provides a charming experience.

Additionally, New City Paradise accommodates the magnificent property built by the renowned developers of New City Wah, situated along the 330-foot GT Road close to the CPEC Route, Burhan Interchange, and M-1 Motorway.
Join us as we highlight these plots’ remarkable qualities, lifestyle advantages, and financial prospects. Find the ideal foundation for your new journey in this oasis of peace and beauty. The home of your dreams is waiting for you in New City Paradise.

Owners and Developers of New City Paradise

The development made by the acclaimed developers behind New City Wah is indeed an example of their exceptional skill and creativity. Additionally, under the skillful direction of Chairman Chaudry Qamar Zaman and Chief Executive Chaudhry Saad Zaman, this project has successfully accomplished key milestones. Moreover, being granted the exclusive marketing and sales partnership rights to this exceptional property is a great honor for Reality21.
We are a dedicated group of highly skilled professionals who work tirelessly. They work nonstop to make sure New Paradise maintains its reputation as a model of excellence. Every aspect of the building, from planning to architecture, has been carefully built to offer top-notch amenities at a reasonable cost.
Because of the high standard of living and availability of all necessities, society is in increasing demand for housing. Modern technology-powered sustainable features guarantee a greater quality of life for residents. All building phases are subject to a thorough check and balance system to ensure that excellent standards are maintained.

Developers of New City Paradise

Plots For Sale In New City Paradise NOC

We are pleased to inform you that New City has been granted a No Objection Certificate (NOC) by the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agencies (PHATA). Moreover, the registration number DG-PHATA/W-I/PHS/61/2022, which attests to the project’s compliance with PHATA’s regulatory standards, reflects this important approval. Additionally, the administration and developers are making a lot of effort to fulfill all requirements in order to obtain more NOCs from the regulatory authorities. Furthermore, this housing organisation has already received approval for 4256 Kanals, or over 20,000 Kanals.

New City Paradise NOC

Plots For Sale In New City Paradise Location

The location of New City is excellent since it is close to the CPEC Route, the Burhan Interchange, and the M-1 Motorway. It is on a 330-foot GT Road. It is simple to reach there because of the society’s main road, which is 250 feet wide.
Prime location is without a doubt one of the most crucial factors in the success of real estate projects.
The New City Google Map, which displays the directions from a specified address to the housing society, is simple to understand.
Investors with questions regarding this greatest housing society can also get in touch with Reality21 directly if they are interested in this project. If you need assistance, don’t be afraid to get in touch with us at any time.

New City Paradise Location
New City Paradise Location

Access Points

  • It is located on GT Road
  • Nearly 9 minutes Drive from New City Wah
  • An approximately 2-minute drive from M-1
  • Almost 23 minutes away from Quaid Avenue
  • The M-2 motorway is less than 20 minutes away
  • The Hazara Motorway is about 12 minutes away
  • Near the Burhan Interchange, about 0 minutes away
  • Almost 25 minutes by car from Jhang Bahtar Road
  • Almost 33 minutes from Thalian Interchange
  • Islamabad International Airport is nearly 22 minutes away
  • Near the Brahma Jhang Bahtar Interchange, about 14 minutes away
  • The Islamabad-Rawalpindi interchange is approximately 17 minutes away

Master Plan of New City Paradise plots

A team of extraordinarily skilled specialists with considerable experience in their respective industries methodically designed the master plan for New City. Additionally, their expertise ensured a meticulously crafted blueprint that caters to the diverse needs of the development. This experienced team of outstanding architects, engineers, and town planners applies their skills in town planning to shape the concept of New City.
A total land area of 20,000 Kanals has been identified for New City to materialize this magnificent vision. An initial development plan has already received clearance for 4,256 Kanals of land, demonstrating the project’s progress. This assures that the project is well started and that the groundwork for a flourishing and active community is being laid.

Plots for Sale in New City Paradise

In New City, residential plots are available in a range of sizes, including:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

According to NCP Management, we are Introducing Residential Plots of 3.5 Marla in New City Paradise.

Payment Plan
New City Paradise Payment Plan
New City Paradise Location

It offers a variety of inexpensive payment alternatives, as well as flexible payment schedules, to meet the demands of our loyal clientele. Reality21 is pleased to provide an exclusive opportunity to reserve plots for sale in New City, which are presently offered at a significant discount. We are confident that investors will benefit significantly from these plots due to their meager costs.
It is worth noting that neighboring societies charge three times the price of New City wah. Our dedication to affordability distinguishes us, ensuring our clients receive outstanding value for their investments. One of the primary benefits of investing in New City now is the possibility for huge future gains, making it a prudent and profitable choice for astute investors.

Future Development Program

With the majority of the region already developed, this society is rapidly developing. Moreover, in New City, a number of significant development proposals are anticipated to be completed quickly, including:

  • Homes with Smart Design
  • Parks with a linear layout
  • Linking roads
  • Mosques
  • Plot adjustments
  • Luminaries for streets
  • An imaginative house
  • Overhead over Main
  • Boulevard are tanks.
  • Operating needs call for the utilization of tube wells.
  • The Site Office And The Marketing Office
  • New City will include well-known brands
Why New City Paradise?

If you’re an investor seeking excellent projects in Wah City, this could be your best bet. We provide you with many justifications for investing.
Following are some benefits of investing in New City Wah:

  • Affordability
  • Environmentally
  • responsible
  • Excellent location
  • Spacious Property
  • Exceptional features
  • Developers with a solid
  • history
  • Developing nationwide
  • infrastructure

As we are wrapping up the exploration of New City Paradise plots for sale, we urge you to think about the enormous financial possibilities that this booming real estate market has. Additionally, with its advantageous location, expanding infrastructure, and thriving community, New City Paradise offers a fantastic chance to acquire a priceless asset. Furthermore, purchasing one of these plots can open the door to a bright future, whether you’re planning to construct your ideal house or simply want to make a wise financial decision.

Don’t wait to take advantage of this opportunity to join a vibrant and exciting real estate market.


Without a doubt! We invite potential buyers to check out the plots at New City Paradise. Additionally, our sales team may schedule a site visit for you and give you a guided tour of the community while showing the many plot options.

Yes, subject to New City Paradise’s architectural standards and laws, you are free to modify the plan and design of your house on the plot. Our team can put you in touch with skilled architects and designers who can help you realize your vision.

Yes, we are aware that foreign customers can have particular financial needs. We collaborate with financial institutions that are experts at serving clients from throughout the world. Our staff can help you investigate the best financing choices based on your situation.

Yes, we are aware that foreign customers can have particular financial needs. We collaborate with financial institutions that are experts at serving clients from throughout the world. Our staff can help you investigate the best financing choices based on your situation.

According to the particular requirements and regional laws, the timeframe for getting licenses and approvals may change. However, to ensure a seamless process, our experts will be by your side the entire time, advising you on the essential processes and anticipated deadlines.

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A well-known housing development in Islamabad called Reality 21 provides a modern and opulent living environment. This upscale residential neighbourhood combines tasteful architecture with cutting-edge conveniences to produce a truly opulent living. Reality 21 is conveniently close to main roads, commercial hubs, educational institutions, and healthcare services because it is situated in a desirable location of Islamabad.

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