Welcome to Silver City Islamabad, a premium housing society established in collaboration with Laraib Associates & Developers (PVT) Ltd. and the SAREMCO Group. It is one of Islamabad’s most advanced and modern residential developments, located on Girja Road Rawalpindi, close to the Thalian Interchange.
Silver City Islamabad is the place to be if you want to live in a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere with stunning views of the Margalla Hills. It provides a variety of sophisticated and opulent amenities, making it an excellent investment option in 2023. Silver City Islamabad has something for everyone, whether you want to buy a plot for your dream house or invest in commercial property.

Housing Society Front Gate way View

Developers & Owners of Silver City:

The Silver City Housing Scheme in Islamabad is a unique residential project created by Laraib Associates & Developers (PVT) Ltd. and the well-known SAREMCO Group. This housing development, located in a great location in Islamabad, is one of Pakistan’s most sought-after residential communities.
The developers of the Silver City Housing Scheme worked carefully to achieve a mix between luxury and affordability, guaranteeing that residents may live well without breaking the bank. The Silver City Housing Scheme is widely considered one of the best residential developments in Pakistan, and the builders’ commitment to excellence is reflected in the pleased clientele.
There are several well-known property developers in Pakistan, including the LaraibGroup and the SAREMCO Group. These two organizations have worked together on a number of real estate projects, notably the Silver City Housing Scheme, achieving great outcomes and complete client satisfaction.
Aside from extensive experience in real estate development, both the Laraib Group and the SAREMCO Group have diverse expertise in a variety of sectors. For example, they have extensive expertise designing and constructing energy projects for the Pakistani government. As a result of the varied variety of professional knowledge brought together in its construction, the Silver City Housing Scheme constitutes a valuable addition to the Pakistani real estate sector.

NOC of Silver City Housing Scheme:

The Silver City Housing Scheme is without a doubt one of Pakistan’s top housing schemes. After completing all legal conditions, it was granted a No Objection Certificate (NOC) by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). As an approved housing development, Silver City stands a better chance of being finished on schedule and with good quality.
Silver City Housing Scheme is a prominent residential development that promises a comfortable lifestyle with first-rate amenities. The builders now have the essential legal permissions to complete the project on time, thanks to RDA approval. As a result, investors and customers can participate in this project with confidence, knowing that it is legally solid and meets all quality standards.
The Silver City Housing Scheme’s NOC clearance attests to its compliance with legal criteria, openness, and dedication to excellence. Given its NOC approval and unrivaled luxury living experience, investors and homebuyers looking for the best housing schemes in Pakistan should consider the Silver City Housing Scheme.

Silver City Approval

Location of Silver City Islamabad:

The location of Silver City Islamabad distinguishes it from other housing projects in the vicinity. It is located near the Thalian Interchange on Girja Road in Rawalpindi. Silver City Islamabad is conveniently accessible from all main highways, making it one of Islamabad’s most desirable and livable housing complexes.
The location of Silver City Islamabad is ideal for individuals who desire to live near to nature while still having easy access to city services. It provides picturesque views of the Margalla Hills, which adds to the overall appeal of the home development. Furthermore, it is easily accessible from various parts of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, making it an ideal choice for those who value convenience and accessibility.

For both buyers and investors, investing in a property in an optimal location is critical. Silver City Islamabad’s location is without a doubt one of its most significant selling factors, as it provides convenient access to major highways, transportation linkages, and essential services. As a result, individuals seeking a luxurious and comfortable living in Islamabad should choose Silver City Islamabad as their first choice.

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Silver city Islamabad

Landmarks & Famous Places Near Silver City:

Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad is very dazzling, adjacent to some of the most well-known landmarks and locations. The silver city Islamabad housing scheme is conveniently placed near Rawalpindi and Thalian Interchange. It is also near Capital Smart City, Blue World City, Top City 1, Nova City, and Islamabad International Airport. The location of Silver City Islamabad is suitable for those seeking a modern and opulent living experience while being close to important amenities.

  • Rawalpindi
  • Motorway-M2
  • Capital Smart City
  • Blue World City
  • Top City 1
  • Nova City
  • Thalian Interchange
  • Islamabad International Airport

Accessibility to Silver City Housing Scheme:

It’s very easy to get to Silver City Housing Society Islamabad. There are multiple ways to get to Silver City Islamabad.
  • It is located on Girja Road
  • Almost 12 minutes from M2 Motorway
  • Only 18 minutes from Srinagar Highway
  • M-1 Motorway is almost 20 minutes away
  • A 14-minute drive from Islamabad International Airport
  • Almost 11 minutes from Thalian Interchange
  • A 30-minute drive from Rawalpindi-Kohat Road

Sectors of Silver City Islamabad:

Silver City Housing Society is divided into multiple sectors:
  • Sector A of Silver City Islamabad
  • Sector B of Silver City Islamabad
  • Sector C of Silver City Islamabad

Residential Plots in Silver City:

Residential plots are available in different sizes at Silver City Islamabad:

  • 4 – Marla
  • 5 – Marla
  • 7 – Marla
  • 10 – Marla
  • 1- Kanal

Commercial Plots in Silver City Islamabad:

A variety of commercial plots are available at Silver City Housing scheme Islamabad:

  • 3 – Marla
  • 4 – Marla

Master Plan for Silver City Islamabad:

The Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad is a breathtaking work of art, architecture, and meticulous design. It is a real symbol of luxury and elegance, offering inhabitants a cutting-edge living environment with all of the conveniences needed in the modern era. Silver City Housing Scheme’s developers have worked tirelessly to make it one of the top housing complexes in Islamabad. The attention to detail is exceptional, distinguishing it from other home complexes. Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad is a genuine find for individuals looking for a nice and comfortable way of living.


Master plan of Silver city

Payment plan for Silver City Islamabad:

The payment plan for Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad has been created to be simple and uncomplicated, with manageable monthly installments. Both developers and owners have placed a high value on this element, making it a viable and cost-effective investment possibility for prospective investors. Individuals can take advantage of an economical and flexible solution that fits their financial needs with the Silver City Islamabad payment plan.

Revised Payment Plan for Silver City Islamabad

Silver city Islamabad payment plan - Residential plot
Silver city Islamabad Revised Payment plan
Revised Payment plan- Commercial plots

Facilities & Amenities of Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad:

The Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad is a luxury and inexpensive residential society with first-rate modern amenities. To promote a peaceful living environment, the developers have set aside a considerable piece of land for green places such as parks. It is known as Islamabad’s most opulent housing complex, with state-of-the-art amenities.

Furthermore, the central theme park is a major attraction of Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad, providing a spacious and safe recreational area for both kids and adults to unwind and enjoy.

Here are some of the amenities you will find in the residential area of Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad:

  • Friendly Environment:

Silver City Housing Project Islamabad is an amazing residential society that offers an environmentally friendly and natural way of life. The developers have gone above and beyond to guarantee that this housing society is created to complement the surrounding natural beauty, offering a one-of-a-kind living experience unrivaled by other Pakistani housing societies.
This residential community is intended to provide all of the modern amenities and conveniences that a modern lifestyle necessitates while remaining near to nature. The developers have set aside a significant amount of land for green areas such as parks, which are necessary for a healthy and active lifestyle. Furthermore, the central theme park is an excellent place for both children and adults to spend their leisure time.

  • Conclusion:

The Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad is an excellent choice for people seeking a tranquil and serene living environment away from the city’s hustle and bustle. The position of the community, which is encircled by the Margalla Hills, offers spectacular views of the natural nature that are both calming and invigorating.

In conclusion, the Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad is an amazing residential society that provides an ideal balance of modern conveniences and a close-to-nature living.

  • A Beautiful Grand Mosque:

Not only are the residents’ residential needs met at the Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad, but their religious demands are also met. The construction of a stunning and grand Jamia mosque is currently underway. This mosque will be an intelligent mosque with current technology and architecture that will enrich the spiritual experience of the occupants.

  • Cemetery:
Every society needs a graveyard. Death is a part of life; therefore, residents may choose to bury their deceased relatives and pray for their health and happiness in the hereafter. Residents of the housing society may also visit the graves of their loved ones.
  • Resources for Water:
Residents’ water needs have been taken into account by the residential society. Residents will be able to store water for daily chores in large reservoirs. To ensure clean drinking water, the housing society will also have filter plants.
  • Medical Facilities:
Health facilities in the housing society have received special attention from the developers. Several state-of-the-art international hospitals and clinics will be built by the developers for this purpose. Staff and doctors will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the emergency room.
  • Community Center:
Having community centers will keep residents socially active by serving as a beacon of social life. to enjoy social activities, they can also participate in them.
  • Educational Complex:

Education is a primary emphasis at Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad. The society has set aside a large plot of land for the construction of a cutting-edge educational center. The children will receive an extraordinary worldwide standard of education from highly trained and professional teaching personnel. Silver City residents place a high priority on education and believe in investing in their children’s future. The society ensures a bright and hopeful future for its young residents by offering access to world-class educational possibilities.

  • Security System:
For a housing society to function, there must be a sense of safety. It is safer to live in a gated community. People are provided with all-inclusive security by a security system with CCTV cameras installed 24/7. To provide a high level of safety, society will also be surrounded by a foolproof boundary wall.
  • Business and Commerce:
All the needs of the residents, as well as the economic and commercial needs, have been met by the developers. As a result, society will provide an all-in-one commercial area. Residents of these areas can fulfill all their commercial needs within the housing society.
  • Wide Roads:
To ensure the best development, the roads and other infrastructure are developed with a high level of professionalism and equipment. Boulevards and streets are wide and spacious enough to give off a beautiful appearance.

Major Features of Silver City:

Silver City Plot Purchase/Sale Guidelines:

To follow these procedures, please follow these steps:
Verification of Documents:
Ensure that all documentation is verified completely to prevent misunderstandings. If you are thinking about purchasing or selling a property, make sure that you get a NOC and approval document from the developer. This will enable you to get approval from the authorities. By doing so, your documentation will be valid in any way that may satisfy your customers.
Area Visit of Property:
Visit the property area and ensure the written documents comply with the plot specifications before making any investment.
Financial Safety and Security:
Ensure your funds are aligned with your purchase plan before concluding any sale or purchase. You will be able to buy or sell without any hassles

Requirements for Booking:

To maintain trust and transparency with our customers, Reality21 recommends inquiring about the latest documentation requirements.

Silver City Islamabad property buyers need the following documentation:

Real Estate Investment Benefits:

Profitable businesses include real estate investment. The investment returns are excellent. However, it is imperative to keep in mind that it will only be profitable if it is conducted correctly. There are several benefits to investing in real estate. The following are some of the main benefits:
1. Financial Security:
Real estate is the one sector that can keep investment values high and prevent depreciation. This is true whether a person has extra money or an asset.
2. High Revenue:
Real estate investments can generate a stable income quickly. Property can be bought, developed, or rented out monthly or yearly. Furthermore, rent increases every year by some percentage, so there can be no doubt that the situation gets better than stable over the years.
3. Easily Manageable:
After an investment is made, it is not like caring for a living thing every day. To keep your property from falling into the wrong hands of encroachers, you will only need to visit it periodically.
4. Passive Income:

When someone invests in a real estate property, passive income such as rent can be generated. A developer or investor buys a developed property and rents it out, ensuring an uninterrupted stream of income throughout the year.

5. Non-depreciable Assets:
Once done right, a real estate investment will never lose its value. Every year, the value of real estate increases. There may be an increase in value if a government or private project is started in its vicinity.

accessibility points

Accessibility Point to Silver city Islamabad

Property Booking Procedure in Silver City Islamabad:

At Reality21, we prioritize our customers’ pleasure. Our management team is always happy to talk about the most recent and simple booking choices for our great hotels. Our goal is to make the booking process as simple and uncomplicated as possible, and we promise that our procedures are simple and straightforward.
We recognise that booking a house can be difficult, but our team is committed to making the process as simple as possible for you. Our trained staff will walk you through the whole process, whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned investment.
We take pride in providing a diverse choice of properties to meet the demands of our customers. We have something for everyone, from exquisite apartments to huge villas. Our properties are in outstanding locations that provide excellent convenience and accessibility.
So, if you’re wanting to reserve your dream home, Reality21 is the place to go. Contact us immediately and let us assist you in making your ideas a reality.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

A list of the advantages and disadvantages of Silver City Islamabad Housing Scheme is given below:
  • 24/7 water, electricity & gas
  • A healthy, safe, and friendly atmosphere
  • Gated community with safety gates
  • Disposal of solid waste
  • Security systems, CCTV cameras, and guards
  • Educational Institutes (Schools & Colleges)
  • Recreational places and theme parks
  • Planning for a waste disposal and drainage system
  • Green housing society
  • Stores/Markets/Malls/Groceries/Shopping Centers
  • Near central locations & other societies
  • The perception of high plots rate


Silver City is a top housing scheme in Islamabad that promises an eco-friendly living experience at an affordable price. The project was developed with an extensive effort by engineers, architects, and other experts.
Yes, Silver City Islamabad is legal and duly approved by the RDA.
Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad offers easy installment plans that make it a no-brainer. Keeping the balance between luxury and affordability has been a key responsibility of Silver City management.
Yes, Silver City Islamabad provides a high return on investment. Even low-level investors invest in large numbers because installment schedules are affordable, even if they come from modest backgrounds. Consequently, high returns on investment are more likely.
Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad is located on Girja Road Rawalpindi close to Thalian Interchange.
SAREMCO Group and Laraib Associate & Developers (PVT) Ltd. jointly developed Silver City Housing Scheme in Islamabad.

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