Shenzhen City Lahore

Shenzhen City Lahore has captured the interest of potential buyers and investors. The society results from a partnership between two well-known corporations, Blue Group, Imperium Group of Companies (BGC-IGC) Consortium, and a Chinese construction company. Management has yet to reveal key data such as the project’s exact location, unit sizes, marlas, and payment plans. The initiative promises a low-cost payment system that will appeal to a wide range of prospective homeowners. Shenzhen City Lahore is a project of Blue World City.

Shenzhen City Owner and developers:

Blue Group of Companies, Imperium Group of Companies, and a Chinese construction company are the owners and developers of SCL. These developers bring a lot of knowledge and expertise and a track record of delivering excellent real estate developments.

The decision to build an inexpensive and accessible housing society shows the developers’ dedication to excellence and innovation in SCL. While the management is still keeping specifics about the project under wraps, it is expected to offer international-standard facilities. The developers’ commitment to an affordable payment plan indicates their commitment to making homeownership a reality for a diverse group of people.

Location of Shenzhen city:

According to the information available, the actual location of SCL is unknown. The developers have not yet made the particular geographical parameters of this housing society public.

Those interested in the Shenzhen City Housing Society and wanting to learn more about its location should follow official channels such as the developers’ website and announcements.

Payment Plan of Shenzhen City:

While the payment plan for SCL is greatly expected, the developers have yet to reveal it. Official announcements addressing the pricing structure, down payment, instalment choices, and other financial features of this housing society are still pending. Payment plans are often designed by developers to meet the different demands of potential customers, assuring affordability and accessibility. The placement of the society will allow easy access to essential destinations.

NOC of Shenzhen city:

The NOC is the most important part of a real estate project, which verifies that the developers are trustworthy. Just so you know, the SCL NOC is in preparation, and we are submitting the necessary documentation to the relevant authorities.


Commercial areas:

Shenzhen City Lahore Housing Society includes a vibrant commercial element in its housing society, providing a platform for businesses to thrive. While the specifics of this SCL commercial space have not been published yet, it is likely to become a lively hub for a diverse spectrum of businesses.

This commercial district may include retail stores, offices, and commercial centers to create a lively and economically active atmosphere. The strategic SCL position in the center of Lahore and the developer’s track record show that Blue World SCL commercial zone will most likely serve the diversified demands of enterprises, residents, and visitors.

Residential areas

SCL has carefully constructed a residential section that is poised to revolutionize residential living in Lahore. While the management has not revealed specifics regarding the residential units yet, it is expected to offer a varied selection of housing options to accommodate a variety of lifestyles. The central location of the housing society and the developer’s reputation suggest a nice and modern living experience.

Prospective residents can look forward to modern amenities, green areas, and community-focused features that enhance the quality of life. The residential component of Blue World SCL promises to establish a pleasant and secure environment for families and individuals in search of a new home in Lahore.

Facilities and amenities:

SCL will provide a variety of world-class amenities and features. Society provides schools and educational facilities, ensuring convenience for families with children. Furthermore, inhabitants have access to healthcare facilities and clinics for their healthcare needs, as well as well-maintained parks and green areas for recreational activities.

Buyers will also have access to playgrounds and recreational zones for children and families, as well as areas for social meetings, events, and community activities, thanks to Shenzhen City Housing Society. Increased security with restricted access to society. Buyers and investors will benefit from dependable infrastructure for critical services like gas and electricity.


Required Documents for booking:

You need the following documents to book a plot.

  • Copy of CNIC
  • CNIC copy of your next kin
  • You need an advance payment slip
Master Plan of Shenzhen City:

The master plan for SCL is a design for a contemporary and well-organized housing society. While we are still working out the specifics, the project aims to have a layout that maximizes space utilization and enhances the overall quality of life. Residential and commercial zones, green spaces, transportation networks, and necessary infrastructure are all possible elements. SCL NOC contributes to the authenticity of the society.

The master plan will almost certainly prioritise accessibility, convenience, and community well-being, in keeping with the developers’ goal to establish a harmonious and sustainable living environment. SCL features and amenities will reveal the master plan as the project proceeds, providing vital insights into the layout and ambition of this potential endeavor.


Blue World SCL is more than just a city; it embodies a visionary concept showcasing the power of innovation and growth. SCL represents a prospective housing project in Lahore resulting from a collaboration between the Blue Group of Companies, the Imperium Group of Companies Consortium, and a major Chinese business.

With a proven track record of achievement, the SCL developers are ready to establish a diverse community for residents and businesses. As this project advances, it can potentially transform Lahore’s real estate landscape. estate market.


Blue Group of Companies, Imperium Group of Companies, and a Chinese construction company are the owners and developers of SCL

We do not know the exact location of Shenzhen City Lahore based on the information we have.

The prices of plots still need to be confirmed.

Shenzhen City Lahore provides excellent amenities such as schools, healthcare, parks, security, and reliable infrastructure.

Shenzhen City Lahore focuses on safeguarding its citizens by providing 24-hour security, guarded entrances, and trained guards.

With superior security measures, Blue Group of corporations are the safest in Pakistan. A professional security team maintains the surrounding areas to ensure the safety of everyone in the area.

Shenzhen City prioritises people’s quality of life by establishing comprehensive and delightful lifestyles through constructed parks, recreational spaces, shopping centres, and healthcare services.

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