Park View City Phase 2

Park View City Islamabad Phase 2 provides an outstanding and tranquil living option in the center of Islamabad. With its gorgeous Margalla Hills backdrop and tranquil Garden, that private neighborhood provides a dreamy existence. It appeals to potential investors and inhabitants desiring safety and elegance. Park View City Phase 2 is ideally located near Bahria Enclave, providing an excellent comfortable living position.

Park View City Phase 2 has a variety of housing plots and villas designed to offer an enjoyable and secure atmosphere. You may appreciate the environment’s serenity while having simple accessibility to metropolitan services. Our imaginative building design provides stunning views and a quiet ambiance.

Park Views City Islamabad Phase 2 is a perfect location for those looking to live in a comfortable and beautiful environment. With a strong emphasis on architectural elegance and technological conveniences, each phase seeks to reinvent urban life.

The building of Phase 2 demonstrates Park View City’s unwavering commitment to quality, with considerable equipment currently in place. Residents could anticipate a beautiful combination of ecological beauty and modern comfort, adding to the charm of this premium neighborhood.

As a key component of the historic Park View City development, it maintains a history of timeless excellence and refinement. Whether it’s magnificent apartments or bustling commercial areas, each component of Phase 2 is tailored to homeowners’ discerning preferences.

Park View City Plots

To meet the needs of the majority of investors, it provides plots in three main categories.

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Developers and Owners Park View City Phase 2:

Park View City represents one of Islamabad’s most sought-after residential societies since it was created by Vision Group with cutting-edge architecture and innovation. The owner of Vision Group is senior and prominent PTI member Aleem Khan. This is the first undertaking for Vision Group in Islamabad.

About Vision Group:

Since its founding in 2012, The Vision Group has finished several ground-breaking real estate projects. Vision Group has controlled the Pakistani real estate sector and made a name for its own as one of the most reputable and reliable construction businesses in the country in less than ten years.

The Park View development by Vision Group aims to become one of the region’s most extravagant home complexes. The company aims to offer an opulent lifestyle through a variety of building and urban landscaping projects in cosmopolitan locales. The components of Vision Group’s projects have enticing beauty and cutting-edge functionality, providing for comfortable and opulent living.

Payment Plan:

Park View City provides a flexible payment program that makes property ownership affordable to everyone. Customers can obtain their preferred house with up payments as low as 25%. The remaining debt is subsequently split into equal payments over two years, allowing customization and convenience of payment.

The systematic method enables purchasers to properly handle their money while reaping the rewards of homeownership. The Park View City Phase 2 payment plan assures a seamless and hassle-free approach for both domestic and commercial properties, making many people’s aspirations of owning a home come true.

Projects of Developers

The first project by Vision Group in Islamabad, PVC, aims to offer luxurious living and modern amenities. Partners had previously collaborated on a variety of other well-known projects, such as:

  • Lahore’s Park View Villas on Multan Road
  • Park View Corporate Center near Mall Road in Lahore
  • Park View Signature Apartments in Gulberg, Lahore
  • Karachi’s Park View Icon on Chundrigar Road
  • Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation
  • The National School

Choose Park View City Phase 2 because:

Park View City Phase 2 was established by Vision Group as a residential project and residential neighborhood. The roads, parks, parks, and other outdoor recreation places, as well as the majestic roadways and the substantial green space around the roads, parks, and play areas, all attest to the productiveness of Park View City’s Phase 2 housing society. The location of the Park View City Phase 2 housing complex in Islamabad is one of its most enticing features. Investors in Park View City Phase 2 Islamabad Housing Societies have a privileged location, which may also be used to determine the property’s worth.

In Zone IV of Islamabad, Park View City was a lovely residential community built by Vision Group that has received CDA approval. From the interstate, there is a broad main boulevard that leads directly into the community. You could access it through Banigala and Kurri Road. With its location on the border of Islamabad’s botanical plant and several tunnels, Park View City Islamabad was a place that exudes openness with ease. The Vision Group, which has a substantial organization of land enhancements in these other important metropolitan areas of Pakistan, such as Karachi, and Lahore, is building this residential community. This residential society is well-known among investors due to its expansive views and top-notch amenities.

Families that need to live in a family-friendly, safe neighborhood with a new vision and flawless viewpoints should be provided with the correct location. The opulent housing development offers first-rate amenities, such as a huge mosque designed in the Turkish style, famous schools, sizable healthcare, Park View Mall, and a sizable social center. The housing society’s magnificence is evident from the 200-foot wide central boulevard, extensive road system, many green spaces and parks, and subterranean power. Check the project site to read more about Park View City Phase 2. You should be debating if the buzz is actually worthwhile for you to put your hard-earned cash in. We discuss five factors in this blog that you need to consider before investing in Park View City Phase 2.

Established and well-known developers

Aleem Khan established Vision Group in 2012, and it has successfully completed a number of works. Vision Group has established a solid reputation on its own as being one of the most reputable and trustworthy real estate companies in the area in less than 10 years while dominating the Pakistani residential industry.

The organization works to make remarkable living possible through different construction and urban landscape projects in metropolitan areas. The Vision Group activity features an appealing aesthetic and contemporary utility, resulting in a cozy and opulent home. A number of spectacular buildings including architectural wonders in Pakistan’s largest cities have been built by Vision Group.

The people working on this project have a very good reputation. The NOC-approved Park View City Phase 2 project was created by the Vision group, a company with a reputation for creating and completing the top projects nationwide. A project has considerably more power whenever it is connected to someone of such notoriety.

 It eliminates risks connected to design and operation. The Developer’s record, which covers Park View Villas, Park View Signature Apartments, the finance sector in Lahore, and Park View Icon in Karachi, further highlights the firm’s excellent proficiency in the implementation of big projects.

Great Location

Park View City Phase 2 is situated in T Chowk Rawat. This great location is along the historic GT Road, which connects Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Its geographical positioning serves as a vital transport center, with easy access to major thoroughfares like as the Ring Road Rawalpindi and M13.

T Chowk Rawat is adjacent to main roadways, making it ideal for those who reside there or require commute. But this site is more than simply an address. Park View City Phase 2 is characterized by breathtaking landscape and abundant flora, providing a calm getaway from the city’s hustle and bustle. Its serene environment and wonderful vistas guarantee an ideal balance of accessibility and environmental charm.

Park View City’s Phase 2 wonderful environment, which gives breathtaking vistas of nature, is among its most alluring qualities. Park View City Islamabad intends to offer global recreational, commercial, housing, and structural advantages as a consequence. It provides inhabitants with services that are greater than what they could anticipate. The precisely planned Park View City has a futuristic outlook.

Economically friendly

Anyone who compares real estate costs to those of other city home developments might come to the conclusion that property prices in Park View City Phase 2 were still fair. Particularly whenever you take into account that the neighborhood is one of Islamabad’s fastest-growing.

It is quicker and simpler to go to and from the commercial district because of the big access road. Additionally, it enables you to unwind at home while traveling conveniently and luxuriously. Park View City Phase 2 Islamabad is the spot to invest since the industrial area is easily situated on the main thoroughfare.

The project improves the value and residence of society by combining housing occupations alongside retailing and industry activities in commercial zones. Ecological assessments show that thickly wooded areas are ideal for habitation. Eco-conscious housing complexes were becoming more prevalent.

Park View City Phase 2 wouldn’t have to put in any work in this area because housing companies like Capital Smart City were developing an eco-friendly program. The fact that Park View City Phase 2 normally practices ecological sustainability and has a lot of solid wooden boards is one of its main advantages.

Larger plot sizes

The business district of Park View City Phase 2 Islamabad, which is situated just beyond the gateway, is another motivation to make an investment there. Housing projects in industrial areas receive a boost in trade and industrial activities, which enhances the attractiveness and standard of living of the community.

Park View City is also privileged in that its sites were frequently less than those of competing developments. It is 1300 square feet. ft. for just a Five Marla plot that is 26 feet by 50 inches in size. In contrast, a 10 Marla property in Park View City measures 35′ x 70′ and has a square footage of 2450. The average Marla is far larger than other vastly different cultures at 250 square feet of meters.

Park View City pricing is greater compared to other Islamabad neighborhoods, but we believe that because of the premium property and significantly bigger plot sizes, there were construction fees that should be factored into the price.

Therefore, despite the fact that Park View City’s Phase 2 costs appear to be higher than those of other societies in Islamabad, we think these were justifiable given the significantly bigger plot sizes, the quality property, as well as the reality that construction costs are already incorporated into the price.


Among the finest places to engage in real property was Park View City Islamabad Phase 2, which has the best facilities. You could get in touch with Reality 21 for more details. Another fantastic contribution to Islamabad’s real estate market is Park View City Islamabad Phase 2. That segment of society ought to be the first place anyone looks for investing potential.

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