New Year Celebration in Islamabad:

The celebration to welcome a new year is the most prominent occasion, when people put behind all of the unpleasant memories, grief, and sorrowful feelings of the previous year and prepare for the approaching happiness in the new year.

However, for the celebration, we must leave our warm and cosy blanket and walk outdoors to greet the New Year with fireworks, music, and a variety of activities that add to our delight and excitement.

As 2023 is about to end and everyone is excited  for 2024. For this special occasion here are many places where you can celebrate the welcome of 2024.

Park view city islamabad:

Be prepared for an outstanding New Year’s celebration as Park View City takes the lead in preparing a happy family event. Park view city islamabad offers best new year celebration in islamabad. Park View City Islamabad planned a Family Festival for New Year’s Eve 2024 as part of its attempts to make every New Year’s Eve exceptional.

The festivities will include a magnificent light show, exciting 3D mapping, an astounding display of uncountable fireworks, a groundbreaking holographic performance, a vibrant musical symphony, a diverse food court, and captivating shows for our younger guests, such as magic and puppet acts. Park view city offers a best new year events and fireworks in islamabad.

Park View City Islamabad is getting ready to ring in the New Year with a spectacular display of lights and colours as the clock near midnight. Park view city is one of the best in these events which is fully referred by reality.21 

Giga mall:

Giga Mall is located in Phase II of the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) in Islamabad, and it hosts Islamabad’s most spectacular fireworks display every year on December 31 Giga mall. Giga mall can make perfect new year celebration in islamabad. You can also go to Gigamall fireworks this year with your loved ones to ring in 2024 and wave farewell to 2023 in style.

Eiffel towr in Bahria town:

If you want to welcome in the New Year 2024 in a joyous atmosphere with your loved ones, the Bahria Town Eiffel Tower New Year fireworks in Rawalpindi are ideal. Enjoy stunning fireworks displays and musical performances by your favourite musicians during the event. Bahria Town is without a doubt one of the best places to spend New Year’s Eve in the Twin Cities with your family.

Dera Dari:

Begin the New Year with a spectacular event in Islamabad’s Dera Daari. Enjoy spectacular fireworks and exquisite food while taking in amazing views of the city.

Visit Dera Dari for a fantastic evening full of delicious food and even better city views. They urge that you arrive by 11 p.m. to ensure that you do not miss any of the planned festivities. Avoid the traffic and prepare to ring in the New Year in style at Dera Daari with the perfect blend of delectable food, lively conversation, and fireworks.

Let us now turn our attention to Karachi, where we will look for various spots to celebrate the New Year’s Eve.

Baradari Park Rang de karachi:

Baradari Park is another excellent venue to spend New Year’s Eve in Karachi with your family. Enjoy Qawali, Jamming, and Fireworks all in one place. Since 2020, Baradari has hosted this event, which welcomes attendees of all ages.

Gorakh Hill:

On New Year’s Eve, take in a beautiful vista of Gorakh Hill in interior Sindh! Join them as you ring in the new year with an incredible evening of activities. Apart from that, Clifton Beach and Sea View become popular gathering places for family and friends to celebrate the New Year with joy and excitement.

Lahore New Year:

New Year’s Eve in Lahore: Known as the “Heart of Pakistan,” Lahore takes New Year’s Eve celebrations to a whole new level. Lahore, steeped in history and culture, combines ancient beauty with modern festivals.

The UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque are illuminated, giving a captivating backdrop for the festivities.

Bahria Town Family Festival:

For many years, Bahria Town has celebrated the new year. This year, Bahria Town is hosting a family festival for their tourists, with various attractions such as fireworks, musical concerts, and much more. The nicest part about this festival is that there is no admission fee. Simply go to the Bahria Town Family Festival on December 31st.

Monal Buffet islamabad:

At Monal Islamabad, you may spend precious time with your loved one while enjoying the tastiest supper. They are putting together a special Monal New Year buffet for individuals who wish to consume the best food at the end of the year. You can catch a perfect memories through new year celebration in islamabad. Aside from that, a live musical concert will be held at Monal Islamabad.

Sahir Ali Bagga Concert:

Those planning a short journey near Islamabad might go to Murree on New Year’s Eve to see Sahir Ali Bagga perform. The Ramada Hotel Murree will host a lavish dinner buffet before to the musical evening.  on new year celebration in islamabad you can enjoy this concert.


As the year 2023 comes to a conclusion, everyone is looking forward to the arrival of the New Year 2024. On new year celebration in islamabad  you have several options for where to spend New Year’s Eve, whether with family or with friends. You can enjoy the new year events and fireworks in islamabad. So, check out the top spots to ring in the new year in Islamabad.


All of the above are best but park view city islamabad is fully referred by us realty.21

For queries and confusion you can contact with us through reality.21

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  • Eiffel town in Bahria town
  • Dera Dari
  • Baradari Park Rang de karachi
  • Gorakh Hill
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  • Bahria Town Family Festival
  • Monal Buffet islamabad

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