New City Paradise Amenities And Salient Features

New City Paradise Amenities and Salient Features

New City Paradise, a PHATA-approved housing project near Faisal Hills Islamabad, is gaining popularity due to its exceptional amenities and features. This sought-after housing complex provides its residents with a variety of comforts, including consistent access to Gas, Water and Electricity. This development’s appeal is further enhanced by advanced security measures and a slew of community amenities. New City Paradise has been a popular alternative for people looking for a safe and comfortable place to live.

Botanic Gardens:

The botanical garden, which is part of the New City Paradise master plan, adds a revitalizing touch to the region throughout the seasons. While it thrives with vivid green trees and a diverse range of plants, it truly sparkles in the spring. It not only provides a refreshing atmosphere, but it also acts as a haven for the residents’ health and happiness. This meticulously created botanical garden provides a touch of natural beauty and tranquility to the overall attractiveness and vibrancy of New City Paradise.

New City Paradise Gardens Amenities And Salient Features

Dancing Fountain:

The Dancing Fountain would complement the lights’ dynamic colors and components. It would produce lovely aesthetics and provide endless entertainment opportunities.

Fountain Capital Smart City

Eco- Friendly Housing Project:

Choosing sustainable housing and an eco-friendly atmosphere provides advantages not just for people, but also for their well-being and health. The usage of environmentally friendly landscapes has an impact on comfort. Natural plantation is employed in the building of sustainable ecological housing projects to improve the health of its occupants. Residents would profit greatly from living in this housing project due to its eco-friendliness.

Eco Friendly Capital Smart City


One of the most notable features of New City Paradise is an interactive glow park intended for the entertainment of residents, in which the changing lights inspire them to let their imagination fly.

Glow Park Capital Smart City

Mini Golf Course:

Mini golf is a wild sport that is only played for fun. A Mini Golf Course is also in the works for the homeowners’ enjoyment.

Moni Golf Capital Smart City


Only in Gymnasium can you achieve such balance if you have a desire for fitness. Your mental health will benefit from the correct gym equipment, as exercising every day reduces your chances of being sick.

Gym Capital Smart City

Waterfront District:

Everyone who has spent time near a reservoir knows how it affects our body, mind, and spirit. If you want to live near a lake, New City Paradise offers one for you because the master plan includes a waterfront district.

New City Paradise Amenities And Salient Features

Cricket Stadium & Sports Arena:

Exercising outside has numerous advantages, and fortunately, more and more city planners are adding sports facilities in new housing developments. Walking, running, and cycling are all sports that anyone who lives here can participate in. There will also be team activities such as basketball and public parks.
The developers of New City Paradise are also constructing a gigantic cricket stadium in the housing project, which will undoubtedly be a distinctive feature that will attract sports fans.

Cricket sradium New City Paradise Amenities And Salient Features


The developers are attempting to include everything that will provide inhabitants with a good living. They are installing underground electric supply, a proper drainage and sanitation system, children’s parks, and pavements all around to accomplish this.

Modern Life style Capital Smart City


New City Paradise‘s comprehensive list of amenities is sure to entice families looking for a safe and healthy living in a modern residential setting. New City Developers has thoughtfully handpicked a selection of amenities and features that are rarely seen in a single housing project, with a clear commitment to creating an extraordinary living experience. Residents can take comfort in the certainty of safety, live a healthy and full lifestyle, and benefit from the convenience of unrivaled amenities—all inside the welcome embrace of New City Paradise.

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