Discover the Charm of Sports Valley Block in Blue World City Islamabad

Pakistan’s first purpose-built tourist city, Blue World City has created an all-encompassing “Sports Valley” to promote sports tourism. Sports Valley Block in Blue World City Islamabad is a world-class sports complex that will attract sports enthusiasts worldwide. It’s the perfect destination for people of all ages and skill levels because it will offer a variety of sporting activities.

Sports Valley BWC Facilities

Sports Valley BWC is set to become a high-class residential center because of its modern facilities and amenities. 

Let’s talk about the benefits of the Sports Valley block. 

Sports Training Programs

BWC Sports Valley Block will also offer sports training programs for all ages. No matter what your skill level is, the complex will have programs to help you improve your skill level and fitness. These programs will be designed and run by coaches and trainers, so everyone gets the right training.

Prime Location:

In the world’s first purpose-built tourist city, Blue World City, Sports Valley is easy to get to from Defense Road. It’s near the major landmarks in the twin cities. It’s prime location makes it easily

accessible to a large population, enabling people to enjoy its facilities without having to travel far. As a result, locals and international sports enthusiasts can flock to the complex.

Biggest Cricket Stadium in Pakistan

This unique Sports Valley has Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium, which can accommodate over 55,000 people, and offers parking for 15,000 cars. That’s a gigantic achievement of BWC’s management. This largest stadium would host many tournaments that cricket fans would be thrilled to watch.

The Torch Hotel

According to this housing project, a massive Torch Hotel will be built in Islamabad, modeled after Doha’s Torch Hotel. It will be located in Sports Valley as a luxury hospitality hub. This hotel will have apartments and restaurants, adding to the area’s eye-catching aura. Therefore, it would be a wise choice for the local and international community to stay there. 


Villaggio Mall is another Doha inspiration in the Sports Valley Block. You won’t find a shopping experience like this anywhere else in Pakistan.

Hosting Major Sports Events

Sports Valley Block in Blue World City is a popular spot for visitors and athletes. Athletes can showcase their skills at the complex by competing in international and national competitions, tournaments, and exhibitions. Sports fans would love seeing the world’s top athletes in action at the complex.

Business/Commercial Hubs

Additionally, BWC will build commercial hubs in the Sports Valley Block, along with modern infrastructure. Hubs like Joy land, entertainment centers, commercial centers, and other activities will be there. 

Hockey Fields and Establishments

Pakistan’s national sport won’t be forgotten at the BWC. The sports block will have a top-notch hockey field. There will be quality set to international standards so that global tournaments can be held here. 

BWC Sports Valley is a Good Choice

There are a lot of innovative features in Sports Valley, plus modern amenities. This Sports Valley will blow you away – as it is one of BWC’s many international attractions. 

Benefits of Blue World City

Blue World City is one of the top housing societies in Pakistan. Return on investment is high at Blue World City. There are several payment options and different sizes of plots with easy down payments. Due to the low-down payment and the 4-year payment plan, it’s an attractive option for future residents and investors. Furthermore, BWC has a world-class infrastructure with modern facilities and amenities. That’s why it is the best choice for living a lavish life in this premium society. 


Blue World City’s Sports Valley Block in Islamabad offers a variety of activities and facilities with international standards. Sports fans around the world would love its central location, high-quality sporting facilities, and sports training programs. Whether you’re a sports fan or just want to have fun and be active, you’ll love the Sports Valley Block in Blue World City.

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