Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan

Blue World City Islamabad payment plan

Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan is one of the city’s most premium housing communities. It is a major project developed by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) in collaboration with the Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. The housing community is close to the Chakri Interchange and the freshly constructed Rawalpindi Ring Road. It is now one of the most economical hotel operations in the region, and it has grown in popularity among financial professionals.
The Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan divided into a few squares, including General Square, Overseas Square, and Blue Hills Country Farm. In addition, the Blue World Economic Zone, Awami Villas, Orbital Flats, and the low-cost Awami Residential Complex.


When investing in a property, investors typically prioritize the location, not characterizing a sense of security but determining the availability of every need for the inhabitants. Additionally, before making final judgments, consider the downsides of a property location.
The housing neighborhood is on the main Chakri Road, near the Chakri Interchange, with easy access provided by the M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. Furthermore, the new Islamabad International Airport is in close proximity to the project.

Owner and developer:

Blue Group of Companies owns and develops Blue World City Islamabad. It stands out as Pakistan’s leading real estate developer. When the group founded, it aimed to provide architectural designs and building services. The company rapidly gained investor trust due to the quality of its services. Beyond real estate, the corporation also has substantial roots in the retail and IT sectors.

Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan NOC:

Getting a NOC is the hardest thing any housing society has to do. Concerns over this matter are among the most significant ones that many parties involved have. We now have exciting news to share with you: Blue World City has received a legally issued No Objection Certificate (NOC) from District Council Rawalpindi. Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan received approval from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) under Letter No. RDA/MPTF/F PHS-PTR-10/148. At first, the appropriate authorities gave their approval for the 427 Kanal area.

Blue world city islamabad payment plan:

Blue Hills Country Farms:

Blue Hills Country Farms

Awami Residental Complex (Apartments):

Awami Residental Complex (Apartments)

Hollywood Block:

Hollywood Block:​

General Block Sector 2:

General Block Sector 2:​

Awami Block:

General Block Sector 2:​

Waterfront District:

Waterfront District:​

General Block Sector 1:

General Block Sector 1:​

Overseas Block

Overseas Block​

Sports Valley:

Sports Valley:​

General Block:

General Block:​

Facilities and amenities:

This unique residential real estate project will embody the essence of Chinese architectural features. It will offer an amazing living environment at the lowest possible cost in the real estate market. Furthermore, Blue World City is the kind of project where everybody may benefit from the fantastic chance, including those from low-income households. In this neighbourhood, they can purchase their ideal plot for a fair price. The earnings will soar following the Blue World City balloting.

Gated Community:

Blue World city The community of Islamabad would be strongly walled and guarded. People who are not authorised will not be allowed in society. To increase security, a safe border wall will encircle the community. To prevent uninvited guests and accidents, the society will also include extra features like face recognition and key cards.

Water Theme Park:

A park with exciting water attractions, slides, wave pools, a volcanic waterfall, kid-friendly water areas, and water surfing is planned. The organisation intends to construct the largest and first international water theme park in Pakistan.

Jamia Mosques:

Every social class will have a sector mosque that is specifically created for the people living in that class, allowing them to worship in comfort and accomplish their religious duties without difficulty or extensive travel. For the convenience of the community’s residents and guests, jamia mosques will be constructed throughout to meet the increased number of Jummah prayers.

24/7 Security:

Blue World takes great care to protect the safety of both its residents and guests. A team of carefully trained security personnel is on duty around-the-clock to keep an eye on everything. To create a secure atmosphere in the housing society and provide you with an opulent stress-free environment, CCTV cameras will be put throughout the community.

Underground Electricity:

Underground electricity is not a novel idea—all the most recent house developments choose it—but it is now a necessary improvement for community safety. This move will not only make society’s exquisite layout and beauty better, but it will also make things safer and lower the likelihood of accidents.

Public Transport:

To facilitate transit within the community for both residents and guests, the society will feature an internal public transport network.

Adventure Club:

An adventure club will be established by the society to foster social cohesion and community building. For the enjoyment of its members, this club will organise a range of exciting activities, such as hiking, horseback riding, paragliding, dirt biking, and more.

Safari Zoo:

The Safari Zoo, which offers guests a safe drive down a trail amidst the society where wild animals wander freely, is the another remarkable element of the community. It promises to be a thrilling and unique experience. Numerous animal and bird species imported from all around the world will housed in zoo.


Since a community’s health is its top priority, a fully functional 40-bed hospital included in the overall blueprint for Blue World City. This cutting-edge, brand-new medical institution will furnished with the newest equipment and technology to help patients and handle any societal emergency.

School and Collages:

With the CPEC route close by, the society will grow to become one of the largest business hubs in the area. There are countless economic potential. This amazing society’s master plan includes cutting edge, contemporary commercial avenues and top-notch educational facilities for everyone’s accessibility across all societal sectors.

Blue Mosques Replica:

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, is a magnificent example of classical architecture, constructed between 1609 by Muslim designers and architects. It served as inspiration for the Blue World City’s planners to construct a scaled-down version of this enormous mosque in the community to bring back Islamic values and culture in Pakistan. The Blue Mosque replica, which will grow recognised as a landmark after the Faisal Mosque, will draw tourists to this community. The mosque will genuinely embody and enhance Blue World City’s theme.

Nearby landmarks:
  • University town.
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • New international islamabad airport
  • Bahria town islamabad
  • DHA Islamabad
  • Capital smart city
  • Mumtaz city
Blue world city islamabad Master plan:

Construction of the society’s magnificent entrance is nearing completion, and the major boulevard built. The land clearing procedure in society’s first phase has begun, and it won’t be long until plot mapping and levelling begins. In a recent development, Blue World City’s CEO, Saad Nazeer, met with Mr. Chang, a prominent Chinese multi-floor apartment building developer, to discuss the construction of apartments at Blue World City in Islamabad.

Salient Features:
  • Replica of blue mosque turkey
  • 24/7 security
  • Unique infrastructure
  • Largest water theme park
  • Police station
  • Well gated community
  • Hospitals
  • Good education system
  • Parks and sports complex

Blue World City Islamabad is more than just a project. It’s a dream. Every individual’s desire of accumulating wealth and living a comfortable life. It is a desire for everyone who wants to have a name. An identity. It is a quest to raise low-income living standards to worldwide norms within a small budget. It is affordable and convenient for customers to purchase and invest.

Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan key goal is to foster strong links between Pakistani and Chinese inhabitants. Since the housing society is still in its early stages of development, now is the ideal time to invest and guarantee a complete return. Without a question, Blue World City is Pakistan’s next significant real estate achievement.We, Reality.21, provided a full referral for it, and for a comprehensive detail of Blue World City Islamabad, visit our page.


Blue world city islamabad is located on the main chakri road rawalpindi.

Blue World City is a project by the Blue Group of Companies, which is controlled by Saad Nazir. Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, a Chinese company, has been tasked with creating this enormous project.

The RDA has granted the society’s layout planning approval, and the society has requested for the renewal of NOC for the extension area, which is now being processed, but rest assured that Blue World City will be a legitimate housing society.

Yes, the society offers a three-year and four-year easy installment payment plan to investors.

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