Blue World City Islamabad 10 Marla Plot Price

Blue World City is an Islamabad, Pakistan-based real estate development project. It is a new and ambitious project that promises to provide modern and affordable housing solutions to the people of Pakistan’s capital city and nearby areas. The housing society of Blue World City Islamabad 10 Marla Plot has drawn attention due to its size, vision, and promise of high-quality services.

Founder and Chief Executive of Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad is a Blue Group of Companies project. Saad Nazir, son of ex-Deputy Commissioner Lahore Ch. Nazeer owns the business. Blue Group of Companies has agreed on an MOU with China’s Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company for development.

Location and Map of Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City, ideally positioned on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2), lies near Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city, making it easily accessible from all of the major cities in the region.

10 Marla Plot in Blue World City

Blue World City Islamabad payment plan for 10 Marla Plot is given as:

Residential Plot Sizes     

Price Minimum to Maximum

10 Marla

28 lacs to 30 lacs

10 Marla Plot For Sale in Blue World City Islamabad


Residential Plot


10 Marla 


PKR 28 Lacs


For Sale


Chakri Road, Rawalpindi, Punjab

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10 Marla Residential plots in Blue World City:

You can only build homes on 10 Marla residential plots, whether they are single-family homes, duplexes, apartments, or other types of residential structures. These homes are designed to accommodate both individuals and families.

Size and Location
Residential areas in the development typically contain 10 Marla plots designed to accommodate houses of various sizes. These plots may vary in size but are generally larger than commercial plots.

10 Marla Residential plots in Blue World City Islamabad cost less than 10 Marla commercial plots. The reason for this is that commercial plots are often situated in valuable, high-traffic areas and can command higher prices.

10 Marla Commercial plots in Blue World City:

10 Marla commercial plots, on the other hand, have been developed for commercial usage. Commercial establishments such as shops, workplaces, restaurants, banks, and other types of businesses may use these.

Size and Location
In Bahria Town Peshawar, you typically find 10 Marla commercial plots in commercial sectors or areas. These plots are often smaller than residential plots but have strategic locations designed to attract clients and organizations.

Due to their ability to generate money through businesses, 10 Marla commercial plots in Blue World City Islamabad are typically more expensive than residential plots.

10 Marla Corner and Park facing Plots Blue World City Islamabad

The terms “corner plot” and “park-facing plot” relate to specific plot locations inside real estate complexes such as Blue World City Islamabad, and they have different qualities and advantages. The following is the distinction between a 10 marla corner plot and a 10 marla park-facing plot:

10 Marla Corner and Park facing Plots Bahria Town Peshawar

        Corner Plot

  • A corner plot is a plot of land within a housing society situated at the intersection of two roads or streets. In buildings constructed on corner plots, the presence of open space on two sides facilitates improved ventilation and natural light. Depending on their location, 10 Marla Corner plots in Blue World City Islamabad may offer a beautiful view of adjacent parks, green spaces, or other attractive features.
  • Facing Plot

  • A park-facing plot is one that has a direct view of or faces a park or green space inside the housing society.
  • Being close to a park encourages a sense of community since it serves as a center for social interaction between neighbors.
  • A park-facing site may be more tempting if you value a peaceful atmosphere with great views and green surroundings, particularly for residential use.

Blue World City Islamabad accessibility points

  • Accessible by the M2 Motorway (Lahore-Islamabad).
  •  Near the Rawalpindi Ring Road.
  • It is accessible via Adiala Road.
  • Easy access from the Islamabad Expressway

What Motivates People to Invest in Blue World City Islamabad?

Several factors can motivate people to invest in Blue World City Islamabad or similar real estate developments. Following are the factors that motivate people to invest in Blue World City Islamabad.

Potential for Financial Appreciation:

Blue World City is appealing to many investors due to the possibility for property value appreciation. Property values in well-planned and strategically placed housing societies like Blue World City tend to rise as construction advances, providing investors with the opportunity for payment gains.


Blue World City provides a variety of plot sizes, including smaller plots as tiny as 10 marlas, making it accessible to a wide range of investors with varying budgets. Affordability is a big motivator for people who want to get into the real estate market.

Foreign Investment:

Collaboration with foreign investors or developers, such as Chinese firms, can increase investor trust. International collaborations can bring in knowledge, technology, and money, increasing the project’s overall attractiveness.

Long-Term Safety:

People frequently view real estate as a safe long-term investment. It can provide stability and serve as a safeguard against rising prices, making it a suitable choice for individuals seeking long-term financial security.

Merits and Demerits of Blue World City Islamabad


Strategic Setup:
Blue World City is centrally situated near the new Islamabad International Airport. It lies along the projected Rawalpindi Ring Road, a development with the potential to enhance accessibility and connectivity.

Modern day conveniences:
The project comprises a variety of modern amenities, such as schools, hospitals, commercial complexes, and recreational facilities, with the goal of providing residents with a comfortable living.

Investment Potential:
Real estate in the Islamabad region has traditionally exhibited capital appreciation potential and Blue World City could benefit from the area’s progress.

Residential Community:
The development is designed as a gated community with safety measures in place, potentially fostering a secure environment for residents.

Multiple Housing Choices:
Blue World City has a variety of housing choices, including residential plots, flats, and villas, to accommodate a variety of budgets.


State of Development:
As of my previous update, several parts of Blue World City were still under construction, which could cause difficulties and delays.
Construction Barriers:
Highways and amenities in the surrounding area may still be under construction, affecting the quality of life for early residents.
Issues of Law and Regulation:
There have been incidents of the project facing legal and regulatory difficulties in the past. It is essential to have the relevant certifications and license in place.
The distance from City Center:
Blue World City is a considerable distance from Islamabad’s city center, potentially leading to longer travel times for individuals working there.

Market risks:
Real estate investments come with financial risks, and economic and financial conditions can impact the performance of Blue World City’s property market.

Blue World City Amenities and Facilities

The marketing of a 10 Marla Plot in Blue World City Islamabad portrays it as a modern housing society with a variety of services and facilities tailored to meet the needs and preferences of its residents. Here are some examples of common amenities and facilities that Blue World City Islamabad could include:

Gated Community:

Blue World City is typically designed as a gated community with regulated access points, guaranteeing the security and privacy of its residents.

Green Spaces and Parks:

The development is planned to include parks, landscaped gardens, and green spaces, offering residents a variety of recreational activities.

Educational Institutions:

Plans may involve the establishment of schools and educational facilities within the society to ensure that inhabitants’ children have access to high-quality learning opportunities.

Healthcare Facilities:

Hospitals or healthcare facilities can cater to the medical requirements of residents.


The most challenging obstacle for every housing organization is to obtain a NOC. This is also a matter of significant concern for many organizations. Blue World City has successfully obtained a legally issued No Objection Certificate “NOC” from the District Council Rawalpindi. With its commitment to creating the first purpose-built tourist city in Pakistan by replicating modern world wonders, the management of Blue World City is delivering on their promise. Therefore, Blue World City Islamabad’s 10 Marla Plot is an attractive place to live.


Blue World City Islamabad is an advanced housing society on Chakri Road near the New Islamabad Airport that provides the most investment opportunities, including residential and commercial buildings, low-income apartments, and amazing farmhouses with flexible payment plans.

Plot sizes may vary but frequently offer choices of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal.

Services for Emergency, Gated communities, Community Regulations, Lighting in Public Places are common safety measures.

Supply of electricity, gas, and water, Infrastructure and roads and Medical Facilities.

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