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Nova City Islamabad is an affordable housing scheme developed by Nova Group and approved by PHATA, which is located on the M-14 motorway, adjoining Islamabad International Airport on the eastern side of the city. It is planned, designed, and developed in such a way that the project would provide high-quality housing facilities at an affordable price. It’s also known that Nova Group is one of the most reliable property development companies in the country.

There is no doubt that Nova City in Islamabad is the premier housing project that delivers a high standard of living and investment opportunities for residents. Besides, it is a symbol of luxury living at affordable prices that offers a safe and secure environment for residents. In Nova City, you will find a community that is the perfect place to fulfill all your residential desires within reach of your home.

Nova City Islamabad Developers & Owners:

Nova City Islamabad project has been developed by Nova Group in strict accordance with all international infrastructure development standards. It was the vision of the owner of Nova City to construct the most luxurious housing scheme in Pakistan based on his dream. This project has become one of the most famous housing developments in the capital of Pakistan and is ranked among the best. Investors view Nova City as one of the premier housing societies and also one of the most easily accessible housing societies.

Chaudhry Junaid Afzal is a businessman who is the owner and chairman of Nova Group. He is famous for his work as a property developer and a well-known player in the real estate industry in Pakistan.

The main focus of his work is to offer the most affordable living options to all facets of society at an affordable price. He is also considering ever-increasing inflation to keep the project within the reach of investors who can earn much profit from it. As one of the strongest advantages of the Nova Group, it can deliver its real estate projects on time and within budget.

To complete the project within the time frame, a highly qualified team of architects, town planners, engineers, and other skilled professionals work throughout the day and night on this project. Therefore, the team members have been selected based on the fact that they possess the highest levels of qualifications with years of experience in property development both nationally and internationally. Among the many exemplary achievements of Nova City, this is only one example of how the commitment and dedication of the people who are behind this initiative have led to such a remarkable result.

The projects of Nova Group are listed below. 

  • Nova City Islamabad
  • Nova One Lahore
  • Nova City Peshawar

NOVA City NOC Status:

Nova City Islamabad has been granted a No Objection Certificate (NOC) by the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) under letter no. PHATA/W-I/PHS/2021/690.\

There is a greater likelihood of development and investment in projects that have been approved and legalized.

Reality21 recommends that any investor investing in Nova City obtain the official NOC before deciding whether to proceed.

In any case, we cannot be held responsible for any misinformation about its NOC that may be misinterpreted if it is misused in any way.

Nova City Islamabad Location:

Nova City Islamabad is located near Islamabad International Airport along the M-14 motorway. Nova City is one of the top and most reliable real estate investments in the capital of Pakistan due to its prime location. It is easy to find Nova City Islamabad on the map because it is located in a convenient part of the twin cities. Additionally, it is close to the CPEC route and the Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR). There are many ways to access this excellent society, which makes it an ideal place for everyone.

It takes only a few minutes to reach New Islamabad International Airport. Because it is located so close to the airport, frequent travelers find it highly profitable to stay there. Businessmen who are seeking a place to live near conveyance and communication facilities will find Nova City the perfect place.

Because of Nova City Islamabad’s location, three dams are located within a wide radius of the city. These dams include Rama Dam, Sapiala Dam, and Kasana Dam. One of the most distinguishing features of its location is that it is situated around almost 8600 acres of the scenic Kheri Moorat National Park. All of these factors contribute to the significance of residential society.

Nova City Islamabad Accessibility:

It is easy to reach Nova City Islamabad.

There are several ways to reach Nova City.List of nearby landmarks & areas near Nova City Islamabad:

  • A short distance from the CPEC route
  • A short distance from Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • A few meters away from the CPEC-Ring Road interchange
  • Kanial is about 5 minutes away by car
  • Bango is approximately 6 minutes away by car
  • Dhok Korak is almost 12 minutes away by car
  • Qutbal is almost 10 minutes away from N-80
  • The M-2 motorway is almost 25 minutes away
  • Islamabad is around 26 minutes away by car
  • Rawalpindi is around 33 minutes away
  • Islamabad International Airport is almost 21 minutes away

Nova City’s location is among the most preferred for housing societies because of the following landmarks and places:

  • Attock City
  • N-80
  • Top City-1
  • Rawalpindi
  • Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT)
  • Fateh Jhang
  • CPEC Route
  • M2 Motorway
  • Mumtaz City
  • Capital Smart City
  • Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • CPEC-Ring Road Interchange
  • Islamabad International Airport

Balloting in Nova City Islamabad:

A housing scheme’s balloting plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction. The developers and owners of the project have indeed achieved a major milestone. Nova City Islamabad held two phases of balloting for plots:

First Balloting of Nova City Islamabad:
In March 2022, Nova City Islamabad’s management held the first balloting.

Second Balloting of Nova City Islamabad:

Nova City Islamabad will soon hold its second ballot.

The Master Plan of Nova City Islamabad:

Nova City Islamabad offers a wide range of amenities and facilities as part of its master plan. As the developers have planned to develop the project to international standards, this society is ideal for living. Affordability, a prime location, security, eco-friendliness, and a serene environment make Nova City Islamabad the most desirable place to live.

Since the developers have developed and delivered previous projects that meet all of the parameters required by investors, they are highly trusted by them. It is advisable for anyone interested in residential plots in Nova City Islamabad to visit the official website of Nova City Islamabad. It has been reported that Nova City Islamabad reviews are praised because the developers have left no stone unturned to make sure this project is a success.

In just a few months, the owner of Nova City Islamabad has managed to transform the society from two simple plots of land into a stunning and modern housing complex ready to live the luxury lifestyle. It is a 400ft wide central boulevard that welcomes residents and visitors alike in all its glory. Over 350 miles of tracks in the central park and almost 500 Kanal of open space are suitable for living a healthy lifestyle. Modern lifestyles benefit from environment-friendly features.

Residential plots in Nova City Islamabad:

Residential plots are available in a variety of sizes at Nova City:

  • 3.5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial plots in Nova City Islamabad:

Commercial plots are available in different sizes at Nova City, including:

    • 4 Marla
    • 8 Marla

E-Sports Block in Nova City Islamabad:

A health-oriented E-sports Block has been launched by Nova City Esports Block to prioritize safety and health standards.

Sports facilities are provided to prevent residents from developing diseases and other medical problems caused by a lack of physical activity. Furthermore, this block offers a variety of residential plot sizes for sale, including:

  • 8 Marla
  • 14 Marla

Pueblo Block in Nova City Islamabad:

Similarly, Pueblo Block Nova City Islamabad provides a diverse range of unique amenities as a purpose-built residential block.

Pueblo Block offers a range of residential plot sizes, including:

  • 3.5 Marla (R)
  • 4 Marla (C)
  • 8 Marla (C)

Overseas Block in Nova City Islamabad:

Society has built a new building to meet the demands of overseas clients. With the same level of niceties at a reasonable price, it is perfect for individuals living in other countries.

Overseas Block Nova City Islamabad offers a limited number of residential plots in the following sizes:

  • 5 Marla (125 square yards)
  • 10 Marla (250 square yards)
  • 20 Marla (500 square yards)

Farmhouses in Nova City Islamabad:

The farmhouses in Nova City Housing Scheme Islamabad are designed, planned, and built to offer an exceptional luxury lifestyle. There are various sizes of plots available:

  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal

Villas in Nova City Islamabad:

Unlike any other part of Nova City housing society Islamabad, the Villas offer a smart living experience unlike anything else in the community. Following are the sizes of the villas:

  • 3.5 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Islamabad’s Nova City Payment Plan:

There are several affordable payment plans available in Nova City Islamabad, with easy installment schedules. It is possible to purchase plots in Nova City at a lower price than those available in ultra-luxury communities. Management and developers have worked hard to keep prices as low as possible, making it an easy investment opportunity for investors in Islamabad.

Residential Plots Payment Plan of Nova City Islamabad:

Commercial Plots Payment Plan of Nova City Islamabad:

Pueblo Block Payment Plan of Nova City Islamabad:


E-Sports Block Payment Plan of Nova City Islamabad:


Overseas Block Payment Plan of Nova City Islamabad:

Villa Royale Payment Plan of Nova City Islamabad


Pictorial Representation of Development in Nova City Islamabad:


A visual representation of Nova City Islamabad’s development:


The Latest News of Nova City Islamabad:

On official platforms, the latest developments in the housing society are shared. You can also contact Reality21 for more information. 

Announcements & Public Notices of Nova City Islamabad:

Nova City Islamabad has published several public notices on different dates, including:

Form Of Verification Of Nova City Islamabad:

Please follow the instructions on the website for the Nova City Islamabad verification form. Check the status of your membership file by entering the file registration number.

Bank Voucher of Nova City Islamabad:

The bank voucher can be downloaded by clicking the voucher download button, and then it must be submitted with all the required documents.

Possession Charges in Nova City Islamabad:

Plot possession charges are included in Nova City’s payment plans.

Application Form for Nova City Islamabad: :

Application forms can be obtained from the official website or directly from the management of Nova City Islamabad. With the application form, you would need to attach the following documents:

  • Photographs of passport size
  • Passport or CNIC copy
  • NICOP copy
  • A copy of the payment receipt
  • A screenshot of a payment slip taken online

Membership Form for Nova City Islamabad:

If you would like to join Nova City Islamabad, please contact management.

Registration Form for Nova City Islamabad:

To obtain the registration form for Nova City Islamabad, contact the management.

Certificate of Allotment for Nova City Islamabad:

The official management of Nova City Islamabad can provide you with an allotment certificate. 


The transfer process for Nova City Islamabad is as follows:

Contacting the management of Nova City Islamabad can provide information about plot transfers.

Payment options at Nova City Islamabad include:

Visit the official website of Nova City Islamabad to learn more about the plots’ payment options.

E-Tracking at Nova City Islamabad:

Contact Nova City Islamabad’s official management if you wish to track your booking.

Benefits & Facilities:

Nova City Islamabad offers modern amenities and facilities at affordable rates. In terms of a complete real estate project, the facilities can be considered part of any luxurious contemporary multi-purpose project.

There are the following facilities in Nova City Islamabad:
In addition to providing all the contemporary amenities, the project will promote an environment-friendly close-to-nature lifestyle. The nature-close environment will provide an experience unlike anything else in Pakistan.
Water Resources:
Residents’ water needs have been considered in the project. Residents can access enough water for their daily chores by building water reservoirs.
Hub for business and commerce:
All economic and commercial needs have been met by the developers. It is for this reason that the project provides an all-in-one commercial area. Residents of this project can fulfill all of their commercial needs in these areas.
Project Security:
Projects require a sense of safety. A security system equipped with 24/7 CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment can provide the public with all-encompassing security. A foolproof boundary wall will surround the project to provide a high level of safety.

Salient Features of Nova City Islamabad:

Nova City Islamabad has the following salient features:

  • Stores and shops
  • Availability and affordability
  • Accessibility
  • A 24/7 security service
  • Maintenance
  • Resources for water
  • Eco-community
  • The entrance is beautiful
  • Enhancement of quality
  • Gas, electricity, and water
  • Waste Disposal and Sewerage System
  • Development of world-class infrastructure

Plot Purchase/Sale Guidelines:

Here are some guidelines to follow:

Verification of documents: :

To avoid any miscommunications or misunderstandings, please always verify all documentation thoroughly. Make sure you ask the authorities about the NOC and approve documents before purchasing or selling any property. This will ensure that your documentation is valid and will satisfy customers.

Financial Protection:

Make sure your funds align with your purchase plan before completing any sale or purchase of a property. As a result, you can make your purchase or sale without any difficulties. 

Visits to Properties:

Verify that the written documents meet the plot specifications before making any purchase and after ensuring the documents are valid. 

Booking Documentation Requirements:

Our mission at Reality21 is to build long-term relationships with our customers, and we recommend you enquire about the latest requirements for booking. In addition to Blue World City, Kingdom Valley Islamabad, and Nova City Islamabad, you can also book residential and commercial plots in other projects. 

To purchase property in Nova City Islamabad, you will need the following documents:

  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • For overseas clients, NICOP is available
  • Two National Identity Card (NIC) copies
  • Two copies of the next of kin’s ID card

Real Estate Investment Benefits Include:

Verify that the written documents meet the plot specifications before making any purchase and after ensuring the documents are valid.

Investments in real estate are among the most profitable businesses. Because of its excellent investment return potential, it is a wise investment. Real estate investment can provide several advantages. The following are some of the main benefits:
Security of Finances:
A person with extra finances or some assets can invest in the real estate sector because their investment does not devalue.
Income Stability:
Real estate investments can generate a stable income quickly. For example, a property can be purchased, developed, or purchased and rented monthly or yearly. Rent is becoming more stable as well since it rises each year by a certain percentage.
When you make an investment, it isn’t like looking after something you live with every day. To keep your property from falling into the hands of encroachers, you will only have to visit it once in a while.
Income from Passive Sources:
An investor can generate passive income from a real estate property once they’ve invested in it. Rental income is generated throughout the year, uninterrupted, by investing in a developed property or developing an open field.
Assets that do not Depreciate:
Investing in real estate can have long-term value if done right. There is always an increase in real estate value every year. The value may increase substantially if a significant government or private project is launched nearby.

Steps for Booking in Nova City Islamabad:

It is always Reality21’s advisable approach to consult management about the most recent booking procedure so that any misunderstanding can be cleared up. Booking is as simple as possible.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Make sure you fill out your booking application form completely
  • Please attach a copy of the applicant’s CNIC
  • If new changes arise, confirm the management process before making a down payment via check or order in favor of “Nova City Islamabad.”
  • Management confirms the acceptance of cash payments as well
  • Get a receipt after you submit all the required documents and payment

Advantages & Disadvantages:

Nova City Islamabad has the following advantages and disadvantages:

Water is available 24/7
Electricity is available 24/7
Gas is available 24/7
A peaceful, healthy, and secure environment
CCTV cameras, surveillance systems, and guards
Located near central locations & other projects
System of security
The mechanism for disposing of solid waste

Perception of high prices 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Ans. As a multipurpose project, Nova City Islamabad offers residents affordable housing options while providing an exceptional living experience. Years of experience have been put into its development by engineers, architects, and other staff.

Ans: Yes, TMA and PHATA have approved Nova City Islamabad’s NOC.

Ans. Definitely, because Nova City Islamabad offers easy installment plans. In balancing luxury and affordability, management has played a crucial role.

Ans. There is a strong chance of high-yield investment returns in Nova City Islamabad since the payment schedule is affordable for families and small investors.

Ans. Islamabad International Airport is adjacent to Nova City Islamabad on the M-14 Motorway.

Ans. Nova Developers developed Nova City Islamabad.

Ans. Mr. Chaudhry Junaid Afzal is the owner of Nova City.

Ans. Contact management to track your booking.

Ans. Late payments may be subject to a surcharge. In the booking form, there are terms and conditions mentioned. 

Ans. Definitely, Nova City Islamabad is one of the best investment opportunities in Islamabad.

Ans. Nova City Islamabad was launched in 2020.


Nova City Islamabad provides a world-class luxurious lifestyle to its residents through its residential and commercial development. An ideal location, luxurious facilities, and affordable prices are the main characteristics of this project. Contact us to find out more about Nova City Islamabad plots for sale.
Reality21 highly recommends Nova City Islamabad as a golden investment opportunity.
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