New Metro City Gujar Khan:

As the cities start growing with the growing population of Pakistan, the need for housing also becomes more day by day. The housing requirement is not only rising in major cities but also in smaller areas. Keeping in view the new demands and beautiful landscapes, BSM developers launch New Metro City Gujar khan. This project is specially designed for the people of Gujar khan city and those living in suburbs. Mostly, the people of these areas are also living overseas, which shows the strong economic situation of the area.

Keeping in view all these parameters, the BSM developers launched New Metro City Gujar Khan. This comes after the huge success of New Metro City Kharian which BSM delivers in the period of 1.5 years. They are not only going to meet their previous delivery target but also trying to deliver even earlier than Kharian.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Location:

Location and connectivity are one of the most important factors which investors consider before investing. NMC Gujar khan is the most ideally located housing project in the vicinity of the city. It connects with Gujar khan, Mandra, and Rawat via the main Grant Trunk (GT) road. The society has two gates on the main GT road, one is just next to Gujar khan City when you go from Islamabad to Lahore. The other gate is a bit forward to the first gate, where the current NMC site office is.
Currently, when you are approaching NMC Gujar khan the landscaping done by the BSM developers will create an impact on the visitors. That amazing site view is currently attracting the masses with its development and landscaping.

This site is planned in such a way that in future it will be connected by two major roads. On one side there will be GT Road which can be seen now and on the back side, it stretched under construction Sialkot Kharian Motorway. So, in the future, the people living in NMC Gujar khan will have multiple access options.

If we check the distance of New Metro City Gujar Khan from the main locations, it is

  • From Mall of Gujar Khan (4 min drive)
  • From Punjab College of Commerce (4 min drive)
  • From Gujar Khan Bus Stop (7 min drive)
  • From Tehsil Head Quarters Hospital (6 min drive)

New Metro City Gujar Khan Approvals:

BSM developers always work legally and provide their client’s legal protection. Layout Plan LOP of New Metro City Gujar Khan has been approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority RDA. The LOP number of NMC Gujar Khan is RDA/F-PHS-GRK-06/738. 

New Metro City Developers and Owners:

BSM developers is the company behind this wonderful project. This project comes under the umbrella of the Malik Riaz family. Mr. Malik Bilal Bashir (Owner of New Metro City) is the grandson of Malik Riaz. Keeping in view the benchmarks set by his grandfather, he is providing the living standards of DHA and Bahria to the residents of New Metro City.

BSM developers have a history of fast pace development and wonderful projects like Gawadar Golf City and New Metro Cities. Providing luxury and all the basic amenities to the clients is the first and foremost priority of BSM developers. 

Why Invest in New Metro City Gujar Khan:

There are multiple reasons to invest in New Metro City Gujar khan. Some of them are the following:

● The flagship project of BSM developers
● Development status and Quality of NMC Kharian
● Infrastructure and Amenities
● Speedy In time Delivery
● Community like Bahria Town and DHA
● Profit value of investments in the previous project NMC Kharian
● Secure Investment
● Wide Main Boleuwards, Roads, and Streets
● 24/7 Security
● Beautiful Commercial Area
● Parks and Entertainment Areas
● After Sale Market

These are some major points which show the profitability. However, there are hundreds more which one can see by visiting previous projects of BSM developers.


First 100 Days Plan of New Metro City Gujar Khan:

New Metro City Official Website
New Metro City has its website from which one can overview projects of BSM Developers, news, ballot and possession statuses, contact info, etc.

New Metro City Official Number
0800-00101 is the official contact Toll-Free number of New Metro City. The team of NMC is always here for you to guide any queries of clients.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Master Plan:

New Metro City always provides multiple opportunities to its investors. In Gujar Khan, NMC has launched residential and commercial properties of different sizes. For investors of every size and capacity, NMC is offering options where one can play within his/her pocket size. In the master plan of the residential area following are the plot sizes:

● 3 Marla
● 5 Marla
● 7 Marla
● 8 Marla
● 10 Marla
● 14 Marla
● 1 Kanal

Payment Plans 5M, 7M, 10M and 1Kanal
The 8 Marla and 14 marla plots are special category plots. This is a special chance for you to invest in the sizes where you can make a proper home for yourselves.
So if you are looking for any of these plot sizes to make a home or future investments, Contact Reality21.

8 and 14 Marla

One thing must be noted while watching its payment plan:

● Development charges are not included in this payment plan
● The processing Fee for 5,7,8 Marla is 5000
● The processing Fee for all other sizes is 10000
● Special Discount on a lump-sum payment
● 5% overseas discount for 8 and 14 Marla (will be adjusted in Balloting Amount)
● Category plot charges 10% (Park Facing, Main Boulevard, Corner)

New Metro City Gujar Khan Commercials:

New Metro City also launched commercial plots of multiple sizes:

● 2 Marla
● 2.66 Marla
● 4 Marla
● 5 Marla
● 6 Marla
● 8 Marla

8 Marla commercial plots are on the main boulevard and the rest are on the backside. Map of blocks of New Metro City Gujar khan has been revealed.

Services and Amenities in NMC Gujar Khan:

● Grand Mosques
● Hospital
● Jamia Mosques
● 24/7 Security
● A Great Neighbourhood
● Sports Complex
● Underground Electricity
● System for Sewerage and Trash Removal
● Water, Gas, and Electricity Supply 24/7
● Education System
● Environmentally Conscious Setting
● Beautiful Commercial Space
● Law and Enforcement
● Check and Balance
● Parks and Kids Play Area
● Street Lights
● Horticulture
● Food Court

New Metro City Gujar Khan management has already called for the submission of expressions of interest (EOI) for hospitals, schools, colleges, and university campuses. The top-rated names are expected to show EOI. For the commencement of operations, the plot/area and the building structure will be provided by NMC. In the case of the hospital, the equipment is also provided by society.
The biggest Eiffel Tower Park in Pakistan is going to be built in New Metro City Gujar Khan. All these attractions attract visitors to society which results in the improvement of the overall economic situation of society.

Investment Opportunity:

Prime Location
As already discussed, it is ideally located on the main GT road just after crossing Gujar khan city when coming from Islamabad. Even if everything is easily accessible to society, but NMC Gujar Khan masterplan has every facility included in it. So, because of its location, it is and will be a hot cake for investors.

Trusted Developers
In Pakistan Reality21 always recommends working and investing with those developers that have market worth, previous experience in delivering projects, and developed systems. BSM developers owned by Malik Bilal Bashir is a renowned real estate developer in Pakistan. It comes under the umbrella of Malik Riaz and their family. You can imagine and realize, the quality of the projects by this developer.

World Class Amenities
We already have discussed the amenities New Metro City Gujar Khan is offering. From necessities to entertainment, educational and health facilities, all are available at your doorstep. So, for investors, this is the best time to purchase low and sell high later.

Affordable Prices
NMC Gujar Khan offers affordable housing opportunities to its investors and residents. Considering the projects and the quality of development, NMC Gujar Khan’s prices are less. With time these prices are going to be changed and will become out of reach.

High Expected Returns
Returns are considered by ROI in the minimum time. New Metro City Gujar Khan investment model is designed to provide maximum profits in a shorter time span.

Easy Installment Plan
NMC Gujar Khan provides an easy installment plan for its investors and residents. This is to provide ease to the people who want to put initial down payment and give easy monthly installments with time.

Confirm Allotment and Possession
The previous record of BSM developers shows in-time delivery with massive quality development. The current status of New Metro City Gujar Khan is that the development of the main gate, the main boulevard, mosques, and cuttings are almost in the completion phase.

New Metro City Development Updates:

BSM developers always focus on speedy development as shown in earlier projects. NMC Gujar Khan’s management from the first day took a good pace in terms of development. The management provides the first 100-day plan and delivered it as per the plan. The development images are shown under.

Due to the fast development, the initial blocks are going towards deliverance. The first balloting was done within 30 days of launching and from that onward balloting process is happening time by time. For those clients who have completely paid their ledger payments, NMC management confirmed their allotments in Sector A.
Many clients observing the development have been not only paying dues but completing their payments. So, if you have already invested in New Metro City Gujar Khan you should focus on paying the dues and getting the allotment. In this way, your plots will have more chances to get into profits.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Balloting:

August 20, 2022, was the date of the New Metro City Gujar Khan balloting. A fast-balloting process was implemented by NMC Gujar Khan and the results were provided to the lucky investors on time.

New Metro City Gujar Khan plot balloting by date is as follows:

  1. On August 20, 2022, early bird balloting was conducted for Block A.
  2. On September 30, 2022, a special balloting was conducted in Block A.
  3. On November 18, 2022, Block B held its grand balloting
  4. On December 30, 2022, a special balloting was conducted in Block C.

Balloting conclusions of New Metro City Gujar Khan:

Inquire about the balloting results of plots in New Metro City Gujar Khan with the management of New Metro City or BSM Developers. Follow these simple steps to check the results of the balloting:

  • Put your Full Name
  • Put your E-mail Address
  • Select your Country
  • Put your Phone Number
  • Enter your WhatsApp Number
  • Click “Submit” at the end

Real Estate Investment Benefits:

Profitable businesses include real estate investment. The investment returns are excellent. However, it is imperative to keep in mind that it will only be profitable if it is conducted correctly. There are several benefits to investing in real estate. The following are some of the main benefits:

  1. Financial Security:

Real estate is the one sector that can keep investment values high and prevent depreciation. This is true whether a person has extra money or an asset.

  1. Excellent Revenue:

Real estate investments can generate a stable income quickly. Property can be bought, developed, or rented out monthly or yearly. In addition to this, rent increases every year by some percentage, so there can be no doubt that the situation gets better than stable over the years.

  1. Easily Manageable:

After an investment is made, it is not like caring for a living thing every day. To keep your property from falling into the wrong hands of encroachers, you will only need to visit it periodically.

  1. Passive Income:

When someone invests in a real estate property, passive income such as rent can be generated. A developer or investor buys a developed property and rents it out, ensuring an uninterrupted stream of income throughout the year.

  1. Non-depreciable Assets:

Once done right, a real estate investment will never lose its value. Every year, the value of real estate increases. There may be an increase in value if a government or private project is started in its vicinity.

Latest Updates of New Metro City Gujar Khan:

In July 2022, New Metro City Gujar Khan was launched. It is expected to be revealed in the coming months. In August 2022, there was a balloting of the plots, which was carried out as part of the latest development of the plots.

Policies & Public Notices of New Metro City Gujar Khan:

All of the essential public notices and policies will be provided by the official administration of New Metro City Gujar Khan.


Gujar Khan Development Progress in Pictures:

Here is a visual representation of progress:  


Allotments for Metro City Gujar Khan:

We will soon be able to provide you with allotment announcements for residential and commercial plots in New Metro City Gujar Khan. 

New Metro City Gujar Khan Possession Allotment:

There is no need for you to contact the official management of the society to obtain information regarding the possession policy for plots in New Metro City Gujar Khan. 

Transfer Process for Metro City Gujar Khan:

Here’s how to proceed with a tentative Regular Transfer:

  • Receive the “No Demand Certificate” after applying
  • A transfer appointment would be obtained by bringing transfer documents and a duly paid SOD to the transfer officer
  • An appointment will be provided by the transferring officer
  • Transfers must be completed at the transfer branch by both parties
  • CNIC must be presented on the required date for transfer letter collection
  • If you pay the urgent transfer fee, you can transfer urgently

Manual Booking for New Metro City Gujar Khan:

Please follow the tentative procedure below for the manual booking of plots in New Metro City Gujar Khan:

  • Complete the application form by printing and filling it out
  • You can also become a Metro City Member and submit the booking form online
  • Deposit the down payment and processing fee now
  • Interbank transfers are also available at several banks, including:
  1. United Bank Limited
  2. Askari Bank Limited

For confirmed manual bookings, contact the official management department.

Application for New Metro City Gujar Khan:

On the official website, you can download and apply.

These tentative documents may need to be attached:

  • Photographs of passport size
  • Passport or CNIC copy
  • NICOP copy
  • Receipt of payment
  • A screenshot of an online payment slip

Plot Purchase/Sale Guidelines:

Here are the guidelines:

Verifying Documents:

Always verify all documentation thoroughly to avoid any miscommunications or misunderstandings. Make sure you ask the developer for the NOC and approval document before purchasing or selling any property. By doing so, you will be able to ensure that your documentation is valid and that can offer customer satisfaction.

Financial Security:

Make sure your funds align with your purchase plan before closing on any sale or purchase. You will then be able to buy or sell without any problems.

Booking Documentation:

For bookings, Reality21 recommends enquiring about the latest documentation requirements. Besides Blue World City and Kingdom Valley Islamabad, you can also book buildings in Nova City Islamabad.

New Metro City Gujar Khan property buyers need the following documents:

  • 2 Passport-size photos
  • Overseas clients NICOP
  • National ID card copies
  • Two copies of the I.D. card of your next kin

Free Consultation

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We are just a call away. One can also visit our offices located in Islamabad and Sialkot. Just fill out the form and book your appointment with one of our investment advisors. We are very sure to provide the best guidance in real estate investments.